BF1 fps problem

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Hey, guys, I build a new pc because I wanted to play bf1 and bf5 I downloaded both of the games I was thinking a lot fps no trouble but I notice the 100 fps which amd showed me doesn't feel like it was smooth on both games so then I was watching on my CPU and GPU graph and i notice there were spikes I try to get rid of those spikes with overclocking my GPU and ram which helped a bit but still the spikes were there still
I tried dx12 and dx11 which was still the same issue so im asking you for help pls I made a video

pc specs:
GPU: Rx Vega 56 Asus Strix
CPU: I5 9400F 2.90-4.10ghz
RAM:16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR4-3000 DIMM CL15 Dual Kit


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