Good Tactic to Take Down Zeppelins FAST



  • PSJackman4
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    bleachee said:
    Throw in a good pilot in the Airship Buster Attack Plane and the blimp is in trouble quickly.
    Yeah, that is what I do most of the time, but this tactic is for when you don't have the ability to spawn in as an airship buster attack plane.
  • MarxistDictator
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    The airship rockets got so badly nerfed against the L30 when Apocalypse came out though, the health bar doesn’t even move from a full barrage. Before yes you could pretty much 1v1 it, but now it’s a supporter. Too bad they wrecked its team support potential instead of just making it so shooting down the L30 in air superiority didn’t end the game, because now it never happens in air sup and you contribute little to the effort as a plane. I miss poaching those airship kills with the fighter after doing like 30% of its bar by myself.
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