[PC] Clan AOD is Recruiting!

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PC - Worldwide

Requirements: 16+, a headset and mic, teamspeak, discord and monthly activity in our community.

At Clan AOD we like to say that we’re ‘inspired by community.’ What this means is that we believe in the power of ‘we’ over the power of ‘me.’ The Battlefield Community is one of the best gaming communities in the world, and we try and foster that in our Clan. We believe in a non-toxic community where skill level isn’t considered important at all. We have many different and diverse players in our clan, and we think that you’ll really enjoy playing Battlefield with us.

Come and see what we are about, go to https://www.clanaod.net/divisions/battlefield/ and check us out. We are a community of over 3000 active members, spanning over 13 different and popular games like Sea of Thieves and Apex Legends. You will always find someone to play with in AOD. Sign up for an account, fill out an app and come be a part of our community. Want to talk to us directly? Join our Discord and ask for a Battlefield Officer: https://discord.gg/clanaod

If you have any questions, shoot me a friend request at manimal_pr1me on origin.

I’ll see YOU on the Battlefield!


  • AOD_GrimReefer
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    Excited about our Clan event that is happening tonight, July 24th 7 PM EST. The event is open to everyone, as we will be hosting it on a Community Game server. I will update the post with the server number closer to the event time. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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