INSANE A10 pilot and ground force comms covering ground troops'

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JTAC (ground): Roger be advised we are uh … we are east of the riverbed and uh … we’re taking fire from the west.
JTAC: Roger standby we’re poppin’ smoke.
JTAC: Look for the smoke it’s gonna be a (west?) smoke… gonna be a red smoke.
A-10: OK got the red smoke.
JTAC: Roger, gun run north to south, west of the smoke, west of the smoke.
A-10: OK copy, west of the smoke, I’m looking at danger close now.
JTAC: Roger, keep your fires west of the smoke. Commander’s initials [listed].  Keep the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ fire west of the smoke… we have three smokes popped.
A-10: K copy that … I am visual the smoke … I’m gonna keep my fires west of the smoke and west of the road.
JTAC: Roger I see you.
JTAC: C’mon (“Willy”?) baby give it to me … I need it … you’re cleared hot.
A-10: Copy cleared hot.
A-10 (another voice, computer?): Start visual to the smoke (inaudible) … copy to the west … long range strafe.
Ground proximity warning system (GPWS, “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Betty”): Altitude, altitude.
JTAC: You got me right?
A-10: Got you?
JTAC: Ok make sure you got (inaudible) the river.
GPWS: pull up, pull up.
[GAU 8 firing.]
JTAC: Two! Two! I need you c’mon two.
A-10: Coming in hot to the north.
JTAC: Two, same spot look for me… keep ‘em west.
[GAU 8 firing.]
JTAC: Two, still takin’ fire from the west!
A-10: All right dude make it low angle strafe … I want it closer.
JTAC: Ok, one, I needed on the west hill side… the west bank (just west?) I need it on the west bank.
A-10: I understand the west bank of the river?
JTAC: That’s affirm, west bank (and give me hell?...) two give it to me in the grove.
A-10: Ok once in from the north, I’ve got the west bank of the river, two is gonna give it to you on the grove.
JTAC: Roger give me that my gun run, (way to warm that ?) baby.
A-10: In hot.
JTAC: Cleared hot.
GPWS: Altitude, altitude.
[GAU-8 firing.]
JTAC: Two give it to me in the grove, in the grove.
A-10: Two in in 15 seconds.
JTAC: Cleared hot two in the grove over.
A-10: (unintelligible).
JTAC: Two I have you visual … you are cleared hot two in the grove over.
[GAU-8 firing.]
JTAC: One, same thing in the grove south, north-south.
A-10: Copy north south, give me some more smoke.
JTAC: We’re moving, we’re moving.
A-10: Which way?
JTAC: We’re moving east, we’re moving east, give the fires south of the grove, south of the grove.
A-10: Ok I underst-south, I understand south.
JTAC: One you’re cleared hot in the grove.
A-10: South or west?
JTAC: South.
GPWS: Altitude, altitude.
[GAU-8 firing.]
GPWS: Pull up! Pull up!
JTAC: Two, west bank, two west bank gun run two.
A-10: Two.
JTAC: Two you’re cleared hot two.
A-10: Ok I understand west bank where I just strafed a couple of passes ago?
JTAC: That’s affirm, that’s affirm two you are cleared hot.
A-10?: Two is in from the north cleared hot.
[GAU-8 firing.]
A-10?: Ok now I want you to go over (the turn card and start watching the grid?).
JTAC: One, just east of those rounds east of those rounds north south.
A-10: Acknowledged.
A-10: I understand east of number two’s rounds?
JTAC: That’s affirm, just east, a walk south, cleared hot.
A-10: Copy cleared hot.
A-10: One is in from the north.
A-10: Confirm you’re still moving east.
JTAC: Roger that’s affirm, still moving east, cleared hot.
GPWS: Altitude, altitude.
[GAU-8 firing.]
A-10: (unintelligible) where you want next.
JTAC: Ok, two, ridgeline to my southeast, ridgeline to my southeast give me gun runs over.
A-10: Two copies ridgeline to the southeast.
JTAC: (unintelligible).
A-10: Watch (we’ve got friendlies x?) moving north on the road.
A-10: Two is in on the ridgeline to the southeast.
JTAC: Roger two (unintelligible) cleared hot.
[GAU-8 firing.]
A-10: Aight (unintelligible) give me a smoke, and give me a mor… give me a willie pete mark where you want the next ones.
JTAC: Ok I’ll try, I’ll give you smoke, I don´t know about that willie pete.
A-10: I got a hundred rounds.
A-10: Aight we’re… we’re running short on 30 mm. ?

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