Battlefield community server, with special focus for BFH

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Hi, new here, not sure in which forum i should post this/ am allowed to post this...

So my friend and I finally bought BFH and are really enjoying it, but as everyone knows; the servers are mostly empty with only a few active.

Therefore we decided to create a battlefield community discord server, feel free to join and to share the link below:

Our aim is to unite players of all battlefield games, especially the older ones, so that they can find and setup lobbies together instead of hopelessly refreshing server-browsers alone (BFH especially) . This way they can setup games in (empty or filled) lobbies of their choice.

We've made the server also include other BF-tittles such as BF3, BF4, BF1 and BFV.

This way it can appeal to everyone who has a battlefield game and who knows, could peak interest in BFH if they see the voice channels being occupied...

We hope this kind of post is allowed within this forum and are aware that it could seem disingenuous/promotional but we really do want to keep the older BF games alive with this initiative.

Feel free to give us constructive criticism in the server or here below in the comments...

See you on the battlefield soldiers!


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