['RATT] Pack is looking for mature (substitute old farts here) to join us in BF4, BF3, BC2

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the [RATT] pack is a bunch of old farts looking for new people to play BF4, BF3, BC2 with.  If interested, let me know.  Today is July 31 2020, I can't see when you posted so this may be way to late...  We are US based PC players that are all aged well, most retired military, and play with honor and no hacks as that is just not fun to us. 
REQUIREMENTS: AGE, must be 25+, no cheats, no dolphin divers, play like it is real even though we know it's not, keep comments to friendly banter, no arguments (something I have trouble with myself and get reminded of often).  But mostly, we do this to have fun to sluff off the "Str3ss" of the day....  Enjoy!


  • Troll_Hammerz
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    Trying to start up my own clan if you look at my profile/platoon. This clan I was just in claimed to be mature, 21 or older, but the leadership wasn't there and drunk when he was. I'm fairly new to BF4 but have my roots going all the way through the series starting at MOHAA 2001. I could also just join a group that enjoys team play, rather than build a clan. Like you say, "play it like it's real", that's how I always play, just not to the point of drill sergeant. You'll find me to be a well rounded player with a strong presence in armor and infantry. Weak spots are the recon kit and aircraft due to the AA. I don't have BF1, really don't intend on getting it per reviews and my own recon of the game, it just doesn't do it for me. The 3 games you mention above, I do have, love the Vietnam mod of BC2. I too have a zero tolerance for cheaters. If you want a guy that can work as a team player, message me back.
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