BF 1 is dying...

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I played a lot of BF1.
But now, servers are full of cheaters...and DICE/EA don't do anything against.
You should have implemented a voteban or votekick. That would have save a lot of us.
I paid my game.........but quality is now poor.
Shame on you!


  • RossP317
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    If I had £1/$1/€1 for every 'BF1 is dying' post then I'd be settling into a really nice, expensive gaming chair as I selected which of 38 full servers i want to join on a four year old game.....
  • LOLGotYerTags
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    BF1 is far from dying.

    Re : cheaters
    We do not require further discussions on the subject as this is a topic that has been highlighted by the community many times already.

    As always,  If you encounter a cheater,  It is best to report them.
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