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    Why would you say that you come off very pompous and arrogant. Sounds like somebody's afraid of getting their butt whooped by people of the same rank as you or higher. The person has a point too everybody who's ranked that high has got to do nothing but play video games what about us who go to work take care of our families and try to unwind by playing this game every time we spawn 10 seconds later we're dead seems to me dice and EA should think about all the customers they're losing because of that not the customers they are keeping by letting you prey on lower ranked individuals. Let me ask you a question when you were a lower-ranked person did you have people ranked 400 killing you as soon as you spawned every 10 seconds? And let's talk about the 10-second clip you call a how I killed you clip some, excuse my language are bull**** I had a guy snipe me from medium range (200m) and I was downhill from him yet what they showed me was he wasn't even looking over the mound of dirt he was hiding behind how is that possible? My opinion is if they've created such a great game which it is they can figure out a way to separate ranks it's not that hard.
    January 5

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