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  • Pimp_SWE
    You closed spidergoggles post as non constructive. To me it is very constructing, it shows the biggest problem with the game for the moment.
    Tons of cheaters ruin games for people without any actions or measurments are taken from game creators.
    This is a shame for the whole game industry. Dice is putting the last nail in the coffin. I played all their releases but this is it.
    April 12
    • SendDonuts
      The problem is were posting cheating problems here because the solutions you state are worthless. We working on were doing this were doing that obviously haven't fixed or even calmed a problem. Nor have you answered or the creators answered any questions. So why wont you let clans run the servers like all the other titles?? Hell that alone would help drastically with your cheating problem. You guys obviously dont have admins on to handle the ingame cheats until after the fact and way way after the fact. So these are the reasons we keep posting cause you guys are not providing real solutions that make sense. I've been playing since the beginning and every game has been clan run or at least had clan admins or a form of in game leadership. So why is this game different?
  • Go2Guy123
    Can i get help with be able to post new threads and reply to people on the BFV section. For some reason I cannot.
    April 6
    • IIPrest0nII

      You must have a linked EA account and own Battlefield V to post on the forums.

      Are you still unable to post? Check the following:

      1.Log in with the EA account that has Battlefield V registered to it
      2.Log out of the forums and clear your browser cache, cookies and temp files

      Still can't post? Contact support and explain you need help to locate your EA account that has Battlefield V registered to it. Usually this is as simple as providing your Gamertag or PSN ID. You don't need to mention that you are unable to post on the forums.

      Good luck!
  • GenCuster
    It seems to be working perfectly now...
    Tnx 1000

    April 6

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