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  • alphajames5
    Not sure but wasn't there an emblem for chapter 6 into the jungle before May updater thought for sure i had 24 emblems and now only have 23 and no chapter 6 emblem showing.
    May 14
  • ollie_galgoczy
    Good day

    So Dice took away RSA servers 😠so fine I been playing with crappy latency , I logged into a solo firestorm and guess what got two EU wankers teaming up in the solo mode, I got video to prove it so if u can take away our servers these cheaters need to get ban from the game , please advise how I go about sending proof of the cheaters and get them banned

    April 2
  • Bloufietterjoel
    This is what you promised concerning the COVID-19 outbreak: "All of our titles will remain online, our servers remain active". I am an avid BF5 player from South Africa and learned that you removed the only 2 servers that you made available to our country for this title. Our country's citizens have been issued with a national stay at home order for a minimum of 21 days from 27 March 2020. Your decision to end our local servers came at the worst possible time and I am sure that you will see this in the reactions of SA players. At a ping of 170+, this game is virtually unplayable on servers outside of the Africa region. Are you able to restore Africa-region servers and live up to your promise, or not? Looking forward to hearing from you. Faan van den Berg (email: [email protected])
    April 1

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