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Battlefield Forum Moderator. I'm everything the other moderators are and more. I don't work for EA. * Veteran from all PC releases since 1942. * Dice Friends tag in BF3+BF4+BF1+BFV. * Founding Hero of Answers HQ - Whine and mean comments will be removed.
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  • (Quote) 
While probable, that's a tough conclusion to come to without having done any testing. If we assume the TTD is messed up and that's due to networking then we have at least 3 probable causes, the game software, the server software, an…
  • Some people would say wanting smaller maps and not wanting spawn camping are goals ad odds with each other.
  • @the-rotten-egg No cheating or legal discussions are allowed on the forum. Please read the forum rules. Thread locked. All the information we can give you regarding being banned by Punkbuster is on here:…
  • In an alternate reality there is probably a world where there had never been a Battlefield Franchise and then a small self-owned startup studio developed Battlefield V or 6 as their first title. With no expectations, nothing to live up to, non of th…
  • (Quote) 
My guess would be how far the backend and integration with Origin was in development for each game is a factor. Perhaps FIFA was too far into it but there was still time for Squadrons. If future games will just run without a second…
  • (Quote) 
By "get to have the latest news" is that something you say since JF noticed the Definitive Edition being released soon after it released for everyone on Origin? :D
  • (Quote) 
That argument doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Hopefully, it comes to nobodies surprise that it's easier to make gameplay fit the universe when you are the one shaping the universe and the universe contains magic.
  • (Quote) 
I read your response as you don't think these gritty, serious and meaningful campaigns without humor fit with this Battlefield as a game. Quite interesting as that means you don't like it for quite different reasons than the Origina…
  • I think there are good and bad animations. For me, the bad animations are typically the ones where I lose complete control of my character. Climbing walls, reviving, entering vehicles etc. For example, revives, you can't do anything, I would rather …
  • (Quote) 
My comment was pretty much just about your stated need for the mission to be realistic and true to real life. Not about the general storytelling. Do you need the missions to be true to be very realistic and historically correct for …
  • It's a fantastical story inspired by real events - but it's not meant to realistically portray those events. It's a video game. It's a game in the Battlefield series. This should not be a surprise to anyone. I personally would like to think that re…
  • Coming to a forum to ask that question is quite brave. You will basically get every answer :open_mouth: A thing you can do is buy the game on Origin, then you can play it and if you don't like it enough you can return it within 24 hours after you f…
  • In Battlefield revive times got longer to counter the big issue that was "medic trains".  Revive times needed to be quite long so to increase the gameplay of medic by adding a meaningful gameplay choice - smoke was introduced. In short, yo…
  • Hi @GhostseaI I've locked this thread. The title of the thread is not descriptive and the thread lacks content. Feel free to make a new thread about the topic. "Please make servers without squad ups and high pingers" is a fine title (and…
  • (Quote) 
Too slow mate :p
  • It was down. Platoons for V/1 and BF1 RSP should be back up and working again.
  • Remember that the canons have a max speed at which they move. If the canon is moving at max speed no amount of mouse setting etc. will help you (then moving the mouse slower might actually help your issue as long as that slower speed is still moving…

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