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Bonjour à tous,
    La dernière et la plus recherchée des plaques est évidemment la plaque Ami de DICE. Son obtention n'est pas une mince affaire puisqu'il faut remplir les critères suivants :
      “Un Ami de DICE est un joueur de Battlefield 1 qui a aidé DICE et Battlefield 1, que ce soit pour la construction de la communauté, des événements, des tournois, de l'aide sur les bugs, ou tout autre influence positive.”
        Un petit comité de DICE réfléchira aux nominations et recommandations de l'équipe de développement.
        Le nom de tous les joueurs recevant une plaque Ami de DICE apparait sur ce sujet ainsi que la raison justifiant cette nomination.
            Bonne journée.

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              3ème vague de DICE Friends, merci à tous pour votre investissement pour Battlefield :

              Round 3!

              Nominés par DICE
              • PeterSMK2 - Releases lots of artistic and cool screenshots and videos and stuff on his channels. A nice guy!

              Nominés par l'Equipe Globale d'Engagement de la Communauté
              • Fylinss - Fylinss is more than a member of the Battlefield community. He spends a lot of time on the AHQ forums to helps the others and is since a few weeks a new member of the Friday Night Battlefield staff. Thanks to his investment, he deserves this reward.
              • MajorMarlowe - Major is one of the most productive and imaginative creator on Battlefield 1 and other Battlefield games, his images and videos are stunning. He really deserve this medal.
              • TolikPavlov - One of the best creators in Russian Community. A lot of great arts! Continue your work Tolik!
              • AlexSn1per - Russian guy who answers to soldiers in official group and helps them to find solution for their problems. Also he is a big helper in Russian FNB - from playing on servers to announcing winners of event. Keep it up, Alex!
              • SkeeterKRD - Founder of one of the biggest Battlefield communities (OneBattlefield) - he was keeping community updated since BF3 and despite the fact that he temporally stopped doing his great work, we wish him come back to us as soon as possible for him. We need you, soldier!
              • Grozarom - One of the largest persons in Russian PS4 segment. He creates tournaments, plays on FNB events and he's also being part of NGT (NextGenTournaments) Russia. Attaboy!
              • Maillekeul - One of the best CMs in Battlefield (France), close to the community, playing the game everyday and passionate about what he's doing.
              • Supremex11 - Producer of awesome Battlefield 1 screenshots. His creative eye and attention to detail, lighting, and environment to capture frantic moments in one frame of awesomeness is a talent and amazing gift..

              Nominés par la communauté
              • OJP1996 - He and another have created a respectable gaming community around BF1, and so far it has gone well. It's been live for multiple years now, and is soon to expand to other titles.
              • Ben8D8over - 722 platoon leader. Runs the 722 European server for both the 722 and BFFs platoons. Helps out with each platoon and bringing those communities together. Promotes others within the community to help with twitch/youtube recognition.
              • Buckshotbetty717 - She has helped launch the Vigilantes of Darkness competitive platoon. Recruited many of the members while always engaging them to get them started and up to speed on clan procedures. Helped organize the competitive events and assist on communication with the platoon members.
              • Girtablulu - Girtablulu is one of the people working hard moderating the subreddit r/battlefield_live. There's really nothing more to be said here. Girtablulu puts in a crazy amount of hours helping DICE and improving the community and really deserves this award for it.
              • TheLankySoldier -Massive amounts of work in CTE. Creating excellent trailer videos for new maps. BFLive mod and all around nice guy whos willing to help out a lot.
              • UsingDS4Ghetto - There was little to no Battlefield communities in the Australia / New Zealand region. This bloke built Battlefield Australasia from the ground up with the best intentions in mind and has since grown to over 5500 strong. It is certainly the best community that I've been involved in for any game, and I'm sure each and every one of our members can agree with this bold statement 100%.
              • Vulpixvixenkel - She runs a huge (19000 members) Xbox One Battlefield Community and engages with the community to play, winprizes, and more.
              • Pressy519 - Dakota founded DvC and has organized gaming events, prizes, and more to build up the Battlefield and DvC Communities.
              • crabman169 - Has been a positive influence on the forum, a great ambassador for battlefield, providing helping and asking relevant questions when needed.
              • Deity7777 - Deity runs the largest Battlefield Community AOD and host the two most popular RSP servers in BF1. Besides that, he also streams for the charity organization who supplies video games including BF1 to NATO troops.
              • ByMaNiiaC_YT - This man goes above and beyond for the Latin American Battlefield community. Helping promote and translate all community battlefield related events for the Spanish community.
              • California_gurl - Amazing member of the community, inspiration for everyone. Even when going through something so serious and life-changing, she's stayed positive, keeps playing, and keeps encouraging the Battlefield Community.
              • deadeye0420 - deadeye0420 along with ItsMasonHere founded and has run one of the largest competitive circuits(Hardcore League) for Battlefield since 2015. Long time player of BF games since BF2, Deadeye's passion for the competitive side of Battlefield is only overcome by his passion for the Battlefield community as a whole! Deadeye eats, sleeps, and bleeds Battlefield.
              • ‪Hattiwatt1 - Hattiwatti is the creator of cinetools used on many frosbite games and beyond. His work inspired and allowed many of us to create real Cinematic content or screenshots around the battlefield universe and doing so in unique ways. Without him most of the successful creators out there would not have been able to create at the level they can now, nor would we have the recent improvements in Battlefield official spectator mode. He is pushing forward what can be done with those tools at every updates allowing creators to express themselves.
              • ItsMasonHere - Mason is one of the lead Esports community co-founder, pushing the envelope for large-scale, competitive Battlefiedl with Deadeye0420.
              • SYM-Model8_35 - Marbleduck has provided insightful comments, feedback and suggestion for improving the game design for BF1 as well as informing people in the community (myself included) about how certain mechanics work. He has also participated in competitive battlefield tournaments in the past, and his input is valuable for a franchise that hopes to provide a competitive battlefield experience, such as the one coming later this year.
              • TacticalViper - Great German YouTuber, does a lot of historical stuff related to BF1 and the lore. He delivers lots of useful and interesting historical background information to complement the gaming experience.
              • Terra-Immortal - Founder of the famous Cinematic/Machinima community "REC Filming", produced high-quality BF1 video content for own YT channel and other competitive communities.
              • TheArchB1shop - For his work in establishing the Vigilantes Of Darkness (VOD) Platoon and putting on fun and successful Events. He Streams Battlefield on a regular basis, is always promoting the brand, has a passion for the game, Awesome personality and brings positive vibes to the community.
              • xxENDER2078xx - Ender heads up the incredibly successful league, Tier One Gaming Live, a community dedicated to the Battlefield Hardcore players around the world. He creates live match streams and content to further the hardcore community and the EA/DICE brand. He is looked up to in the hardcore community and is always looking to showcase these incredible players in the best way possible.
              • Zobtzler - Zobtzler is one of the people working hard moderating the subreddit r/battlefield_live. There's really nothing more to be said here. Zobtzler puts in a crazy amount of hours helping DICE and improving the community and really deserves this award for it.
              • miplis - This man goes above and beyond for the Latin American Battlefield community. From hosting special events and game nights that reward prizes, to helping translate all battlefield related events for the Spanish community.
              • SGT_BURRELL4 - Tanner has built a strong foundation, he helps run the Battlefield community and created a community dedicated to the Community Test Environment. Tanner works well with others and makes it easy for others to get involved.
              • Heath069 - Positive, dedicated fan who works with organizations like to faciliate gaming for veterans. He's also a leader in the DvsC group, continuing to push community engagement with devs.
              • ROWNISS - Bringing the Community together with events like Girls vs Boys. Being part of events like FNB consistently and accepting everyone regardless of skill. Rowniss also runs the Polish Battlefield community Twitter and Xbox community. Given infomatiom and helping the community with BF1 related infomation.
              • Beardyr0ry - Devotion to community, creates giveaways and mission bountys for dogtags paid for out of pocket, and a respectful and welcoming attitude at all times. Is an asset to the entire community.
              • AbadonV - Michael has been the founder and driving force behind several massive Battlefield Fan Facebook groups, from Battlefield 3, through Battlefield 4, Hardline and currently Battlefield 1, being the largest Battlefield 1 fan Facebook group with 95.000 members and counting. Without his perseverance these groups wouldn't been as big and popular as they are today.
              • Hosh921 - His efforts in the community during #FNB, as well as other organized events, have gone above and beyond. Hosh921 gives back to the Battlefield community by putting on mini events here & there, on & off the battlefield.
              • imTacticalTurtle - He leads the Battlefield Israel community, provides feedback and helps in the CTE and r/Battlefield_live and is very active and helpful among the community
              • MozzyFX - Mozzy is a Battlefield player that is very active on Discord, he is a moderator on the Battlefield discord server and a volunteer moderator for the EA Gaming discord and the BF1 CTE subreddit. He also attents just about every FridayNightBattlefield event.
              • Prophet_On_Fire - Divisions in gaming can run deep, but true gamers can and do rise above. Prophet On Fire has shown this, from his time as a Game Changer, by hosting numerous Battlefield 1 livestreams with other high-visibility streamers and content creators with both the Battlefield Stream Team and his own channel via Twitch. He is proof that true gaming enjoyment can't be regulated by petty boundaries, and the attention he brings to the Battlefield community from all corners of life shows that he is truly DICE Friendship material.
              • Urbanmarinecc - Urban is apart of the mod team for the official Battlefield Stream Team. The time and effort alone he puts into modding for the stream is fantastic. His continued passion for the community always interacting and solving minor issues. He's a positive influence on the community.
              • Sniperroge007 - Adam is great streamer on the Battlefield channel who has created a helpful and dedicated community of people that are always looking to have some fun. He is always looking to be bring new people into the community to help it grow and nothing stops him from helping viewers and fans join the games if they want to. I have been watching the Battlefield channel, mostly on Friday and Sunday, for a good amount of time now and I've have noticed that Adam not only brings many new followers but he is also a good representation of what the Battlefield channel is and strives to be, bringing back familiar faces as well as accepting new ones into the community.
              • Mugstv - Stream team member, awesome streamer in general, goofball and awesome sniper. Passionate about Battlefield and this community, Mugs is a Game Changer as well.
              • Oolala87 - Stream Team member, Game Changer, awesome streamer, PTFOs hard, prior DICE Friend. She's the Stream Team representative for Xbox and is always ready to play with the community and encourage new players.
              • Ascend_Dazs - Leader of Ascend/Nova, positive, genuine, and dedicated Battlefield community member. His crews' cinematics, projects, and community interaction are stuff of legend.

              Tous ces joueurs intègrent la famille des DICE Friends et recevront la plaque tant convoitée. Une nouvelle session de nomination sera ouverte dans environ 2 mois afin de continuer à faire grandir ce groupe de personnes prêtes à aider la communauté.

              Merci à tous et à bientôt sur le champ de bataille !


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              4ème vague de DICE Friends, merci à tous pour votre investissement pour Battlefield :

              Round 4!

              Nominés par DICE
              • xGood_Girl_96x - She runs "Battlefield Ladies Night" #BFLN , is an upstanding member of our player community and is a consistent Battlefield streamer.
              • BRIZZ_tgp - He is an upstanding member of the Battlefield community, is constantly helping to promote/retweeet Battlefield communications via Twitter/Twitch and is actively helping to create an Incursions Squad for PS4
              • jedi_manc_ninja - Jedi is a great example of the type of player our community needs. Dedicated, inclusive, kind and welcoming to all. His attitude is exemplary and this is reflected in how many players and key DICE Friends choose to interact with him daily. His has risen within key platoons to become a prominent figure within those communities. I feel that Jedi has the right traits for a DICE friend.
              • LapisRadzuli - Lapis is knowledgeable, reasonable, voices constructive criticism. He's helpful in many areas - Twitter, Discord, AHQ, be it Battlefield 1, CTE, incursions - always happy to help. He also enjoys taking awesome screenshots and happily sharing them with the community while being humble about it at all times.
              • Path0g3n - Path0g3n is one of the most reliable German game changers since more than 4 years now. He always delivers spot-on feedback, which is very much valued also among DICE devs. A very valuable contact!
              • Bronzeaxe - Within the BFEE community there was this situation and Bronzeaxe basically helped out a guy in dire need of some good news. This is the story I got told by Raxor: "A member of the BFEE community named "Gamersahoy" is disabled. He has compartment syndrome as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis. In February he had to have surgery on his leg, shortly afterwards his PC broke. If that wasnt bad enough, he had to have surgery on his other leg as well. After surgery he had set up a fundraising goal for getting a new PC, sadly that didnt meet its marks. Then a couple of weeks ago one of the worst things that can happened to someone occured. His father died. Upon hearing this a BFEE member named Bronzeaxe contacted me to get in touch with gamersahoy. Bronzeaxe had just built a new PC, and was going to sell his older pc (which is basically top of the line still) to someone. Instead Bronzeaxe is going to be driving from the Netherlands to Belgium to donate his old PC & install it for Gamersahoy. Personally knowing these two members, this story brings a tear to my eye, and really touches my heart. I thought you would like to hear about something like this, Community members helping other community members."
              • TheNoizex - Admin and member of the BFEEcommunity. He also helped a lot with the whole data mining topic.

              Nominés par l'Equipe Globale d'Engagement de la Communauté
              • BlackW4r - Black is one of our French volounteer moderator. Thanks to his investment and devotion for the French community he deserves the dogtag.
              • DarkFouiine - DarFouiine is the admin of one of our biggest French fansite. He had a baby recently and continues to work a lot for the battlefield community so he deserves this medal.
              • Somua_Leluron - Leluron is one of the admins of the oldest French BF fan site. He now manages the social networks of the site which requires a lot of investment.
              • foliageclose - foliageclose and dinwh1te are the team of guys, who does everything together. From clearing official Russian group from spammers to answering any kind of questions, those soldiers help us to keep our community best. Keep it up, soldiers!
              • dinwh1te - foliageclose and dinwh1te are the team of guys, who does everything together. From clearing official Russian group from spammers to answering any kind of questions, those soldiers help us to keep our community best. Keep it up, soldiers!

              Nominés par la communauté
              • WDA_Punisher - Punisher went out of his way and led the effort to start a fundraiser for a battlefield community member in need who was diagnosed with breast cancer. He coordinated everything with other streamers (big and small), graphics designers and community managers. His efforts, along with everyone elses, raised about $5K for this community member and he should be highly commended for this. One of the gentleman of battlefield, besides what he does in his own bf community, he loves the series with a passion and he tirelessly helps everyone from gameplay to setups for streaming, fantastic deep discussions about bf on his streams even when there was just a few watching over the years, one of those people that represents what bf and community is all about and deserves some recognition.
              • TONYonPC - TONYonPC is one of the most dedicated community members. He's keeping the community up to date with news, updates and reports from DICE devs on social media. His blog is a veritable mine of information in French, as he usually translates official blog posts from the CTE. In view of his continuous effort, I'd like to nominate him for the DICE Friend dog tag.
              • TheWackySoldier - Awesome screenshots creator. Friday Night Battlefield events regular. Battlefield GFX admin.
              • TheBullzeyeKK - Kaan's continued work on @BFRoundup, giving daily updates on Battlefield is evidence of his passion, his dedication to the franchise, and his devotion to the Battlefield community. From attending game events to helping with cinematic work, Kaan has gained the respect of the community, Devs , & community managers. He's always has dignity & compassion to support the EA/DICE and the community as a whole!
              • Tastemyjuices - Solid member of 1sec platoon(verified platoon), great player, excellent admin and totally committed to making the battlefield hardcore community the best! All around a good chick.
              • Soldier365nl - Soldier365nl continues to show his support for the community and Battlefield franchise with his out standing battlefield 3D graphics work, engaging the community and creating beautiful work and surprises countless people with a flare of that perfect unique touch, while raising two teenage daughters and serving his city as a full time police officer.
              • Skoopsro - Skoopsro has always been a true ambassador of the Battlefield community devoting not only time, expertise and player based feedback but constructive critisicim to help improve the community. Constantly and consistently attending events through various communities and platoons everything from Friday Night Battlefield to HvsZ and European and Latin America. He is a true individual who not only seeks to improve this game but improves the game for others through giveaways and community videos; I personally highly recommend this individual.
              • VIP-AHMAD-007 - Dedicated fan and community organizer for the KSA community, from giveaways to game nights. Keeps his community updated with information and announcements, promoting the Battlefield franchise and gameplay selflessly.
              • SCHULTZ87 - On the Battlefield, it always pays to have someone you can trust to watch your "six" at all times. Who better than a true Battlefield Veteran, from the days of Battlefield: Bad Company to present day and beyond? The Colonel 100 personifies this aspect, and has earned the "Best Community in the World" Dog Tag for his in-game and real-life efforts in supporting streamers on different mediums. As his namesake character from "Battlefield Friends" would say, "He IS The Battlefield."
              • PresidentSlendy - Makes quality over quantity content on battlefield. Supports the battlefield community a lot with his videos on guides, issues, competitive scene, etc. A Swede with a true passion of becoming a successful YouTuber featuring battlefield.
              • NewWorldShogun - Christopher has been the pillar of battlefield communities for a considerable time, especially as he is one of the lead members of don't revive me bro. He also posts a lot of positive battlefield content on YouTube and throughout social media, some of which has been utilised by Dice/EA. If nothing else, he is a genuinely nice guy who would help anyone and has a genuine love for all battlefield games.
              • TopGunFighter69 - Dedicated #FNB member, constantly interacting with the larger community in-game and on social media, promoting fun, fair play, and
              • Fase3D - High-quality Battlefield graphic content (screenshots, twitter banners etc) and contributor at BattlefieldGFX. Regular CTE events participator. Also runs @BFCTEunofficial.
              • DerAdmiralE - He makes great Battlefield guides on YouTube in an outstanding quality, which motivates to play Battlefield. Further, he created a very active community that participates a lot in Battlefield Events, for example Friday Night Battlefield. Last but not least, he shows a lot of passion for the Battlefield games in his videos and livestreams.
              • AmbientFlush - Ambient has put in tons of effort to creating amazing images of Battlefield! He puts lots of time and effort into his passion, video game art. One of the most friendly teammates to play with on Battlefield and always a team player.
              • AnnieGetYourGun - One of the leading ladies of the Battlefield community who teaches many about the history behind Battlefield and the wars. She's always productive in helping others via giveaways, events, promos, whatever is going on in the community. She's there to help. I can't thank her enough for all she does and all she teaches.
              • AtomicOracle//Gabytron5000 - This member of the community has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the Battlefield maintains the authenticity and concept for its players. Her interaction and support by taking part of a Battlefield short, reassured the community’s unsureness of the new mode recently added. She is a committed member of the community.
              • lilmissfiend - She has organised battlefield events, admin of battlefield 1 xbox one uk, creator of osg platoon on ps4 and xbox one, admin of osg battlefield platoon and broadcasts the game lots of times and does lots of events.
              • gordonckerr01 - Gordon Kerr is one of the founders of the GAWA platoon and his presence within the Battlefield community has created one of the best community events called "Silly Sundays" which brings a bunch of players together to have fun every single sunday with a total of 5 different silly games. This event is one of the funniest events conceived.
              • Gismogun - Gismogun has been super influential in the British community as one of the members of GAWA, he coordinates and sets up events such as silly Sundays, to help the community get together and have fun. He's a great guy and would be a great ambassador as a DICE friend.
              • IILegolasII - Runs the Battlefield After Hours platoon and playstation community, is completely dedicated to helpig participate and run as many community events as possible and has always conducted himself with class. Is a fantastic asset to the community and truely deserves the dice friend honor as much as anyone. Legolas absolutely deserves this award
              • iSchiggy - iSchiggy has been instrumental in the development of the DIVISION 722 with expanding are platoon across platforms with his help and the community around him has made nothing but a successful and positive enviroment for others including the support of DICE behind him on xbox.I believe he will continue to be that pillar in the community that we all look to for helping others and setting the frame work that will structure the next generation of positive and beautiful minds that will create and adapt with the community.I witnessed many great people awarded the honour but I vote for someone not because what they've just accomplished but faith in them to keep going! I don't want this df program to ever discontinue each and every amazing df I ever met I see that tag on there neck and I know what I means it not your #1 its means you will always put everyone else first in that spot before your ever think to step forward! I sincerely believe iSchiggy surpasses my efforts daily with constantly assisting numerous other platoons and stepping fourth to bridge and unite them aswell making this a true bf community without walls between clans.
              • kartov93 - He takes amazing screenshots , quite active in the Battlefield community , was a Community helper for BFEE , can be seen every week on FNB , and works with Hoodoo , REC Filming ,and Shadowsix.
              • Maytriarc - She continues to push for gender and age equality among the other Battlefield players out there. Not everyone can say they are a 61 year old Grandmother who kicks butt at BF1 or BF4.
              • ni-oldskool - Ni Oldskool is one of the founders of the GAWA (Green and White Army) platoon and by just participating Friday Night Battlefield every friday for the last 6 months or so they have made an impression of solidarity and commitment to be noticed as a force, but more importantly having respect and fun for the embrace of the best community in the world. BF community. Since then they have created an event of their own called "Silly Sundays" the funniest event conceived. 2 Full Platoons later GAWA will be known by a lot of people as people who love PTFO and having "FUN" as keyword. All made possible by NiOldskool and GordonKerr.
              • Offline0nline - Offline0nline has been a dedicated member of the BFEE moderators team helping people within the community in several ways since BF1 was in its Beta stage, he is active daily to help moderate the discord and inform people on battlefield news and events while also helping organise other members when searching and solving the Easter Eggs and puzzles in BF1.
              • 199Travis199 - Great community focused guy,always taking the time to help people out. Answer questions, help with dogtags, easter eggs, general questions. Watched on stream when he has just come online to specifically help someone complete challenge /weapon unlocks with no hesitation. All round nice guy who is also a great bf player! One of the reasons I got into battlefield as used to play with and against him on bf4 Fnb. Always giving out useful info on twitter, always there to answer any questions! Well deserving of the dice friend tag in my opinion!
              • Pioneer_from_ua - He one of active players from Ukraine and large fanaticism of series of battlefield, founder of platoons (BF3) VIP Сollection DogTags and Elite a knife gold collector dog tag, and active user of twitter, youtube, help other to get rare dog tag. Actively participates in #FNB
              • TwitchNecro - Necro is an amazing streamer within the BF community, he is always pushing team play and playing the objective. He's a moderator on the Official BF Twitch Channel and tries his best to moderate within his busy schedule. Necro helps tremendously in the community and he never wants anything in return which is why I feel he is deserving of this Award.
              • Goldfalcon33 - Dedicated member of the Battlefield community and moderator of the Battlefield Twitch.
              • CaptPerry - Dedicated member of the Battlefield community and moderator of the Battlefield Twitch.
              • ThePoolshark - Working with the community on a daily basis as a volunteer moderator for the last 6-7 years, Pool is also a Game Changer and has worked closely with the devs during development stages.
              • Avarik - Dedicated moderator of the Battlefield forums, regular member of various game events like #FNB; continuously promoting positivity and growth within the community.
              • T0TalFPS - Dedicated moderator of the Battlefield forums, regular member of various game events like #FNB; continuously promoting positivity and growth within the community.
              • M1k3ol - Dedicated moderator of the Battlefield forums; continuously promoting positivity and growth within the community.
              • Fog_eXGunner - Dedicated moderator of the Battlefield forums; continuously promoting positivity and growth within the community.
              • LoLGotYerTags - Dedicated moderator of the Battlefield forums, regular member of various game events like #FNB; continuously promoting positivity and growth within the community.

              Tous ces joueurs intègrent la famille des DICE Friends et recevront la plaque tant convoitée.

              Merci à tous et à bientôt sur le champ de bataille !

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              These recipients were nominated by DICE, Battlefield Community Management, and our Forum Staff/Moderators.

              Et c'est sur cette 5ème vague de DICE Friends que se termine cette année 2017, merci à tous pour votre investissement pour Battlefield :

              Round 5!

              Nominés par DICE
              • BleedingUranium - BleedingUranium goes through Battlefield weapons with a fine-tooth comb, demonstrating encyclopedic knowledge of obscure weapons that help us to make our Through The Gun Experience historically and mechanically accurate. His work in CTE has caught mistakes and inaccuracies that we've almost shipped with. He is my #1 resource in the Battlefield community and his attention to detail translates into an increase in the quality of our game.
              • Iluminatethesky - This guy is an absolute pleasure to be around. Always willing to help a friend in need. Has been instrumental in keeping my BF1 Incursions streams successful and at high quality with great modding and spreading the word. He is constantly helping to promote Battlefield events, moderating Battlefield streams and is a great addition to the Battlefield community. FNB regular, screenshot extraordinaire (used a lot by our official channels!) and an overall nice dude who sets the perfect example of how to represent the community.
              • JediWarriorkris - His YouTube name is Kritical Kris, he does a bunch of weapon tutorial videos giving a good breakdown of the history and usefulness of the weapons. When I was ramping up on Battlefield, his videos were really helpful in understanding the ins and outs of gunplay in BF1. He also has participated in the CTE and playtest events.
              • StealthKingGG - When I did the 24h livestream for BF1 Incursions, this guy was there for pretty much all of the time and ran the modding department like a boss. Makes sure everyone is having a great time, answers questions and helps in any way he can.
              • Hessuniemii - Hess has been helping the community by administering the largest Battlefield community on Discord since the beginning. He's an EAG discord moderator, CTE and FNB regular and one of the best pilots around.
              • Vernita - She is a moderator of the grrl club, helpful and a great community person, always on CTE. Good stuff.

              Nominés par l'Equipe Globale d'Engagement de la Communauté
              • WhysoSeriousSara - Spanish YouTuber and content creator, Sara has participated in many Game Changer events and is a valuable contributor to the Battlefield franchise, as well as a community leader for our Spanish Battlefield gamers.
              • Kkamciia - Member of our elite PL woman's BF1 and SWBF II streaming team
              • chemo8181 - Battlefield dedicated channel to gameplays and everything around Battlefield saga.
              • Davidpkami - Spanish content creator who has dedicated most of his time making guides or funny gameplays from Battlefield saga since Battlefield 2 Bad Company.
              • ILLDG88LLI - Spanish youtuber, Battleshow youtube show hoster and one of the faces of Battlefield proplayers in Spain
              • WinghavenIsDaMan - Spanish Battlefield pro player. Winner of many tournaments in several shooters, specially Battlefield.
              • demoniak-kharn - Demo is one of our French volounteer moderators, as the other members of the team, he spend a lot of time to help our fans and players on the official forums. (@demoniak-kharn )
              • Layenne-ns - Layenne is a very active member of our community. You can always count on him to play and set the mood for every Friday Night Battlefield. (@Layenne-ns )
              • Pouchka_BF - Pouchka is a French volunteer moderator, for the time spent to help our players and her dedication, she deserve the medal like all the other members of the team. (@Pouchka_BF )
              • VicenteProD - Vincent is a French creator of content, he has a real talent to make beautiful screenshots or cinematic videos on Battlefield but also NFS, Battlefront etc ... Do not miss any of his creations: / UC8uOXqOOiaeReN0a841nuKQ (@VicenteProD )
              • aangela35 - Member of our elite PL woman's BF1 and SWBF II streaming team
              • Blondegab1 - Member of our elite PL woman's BF1 and SWBF II streaming team
              • Martyna91pl - Member of our elite PL woman's BF1 and SWBF II streaming team
              • SylwesterSpalony - Shows his devotion to answer questions asked on Answers HQ regarding Battlefield series, showed his knowledge and helping hand. Because of that fact he got promoted to Champion, also he is moderator on Polish Battlefield forum. He showed great examples of engaging with community
              • Yoive - Member of our elite PL woman's BF1 and SWBF II streaming team
              • andrey-platunov - Former Аnswers HQ Hero, the current EA Staff. He makes every effort to make the Russian-speaking community of Battlefield grow every day.
              • JolyWonka - one of the largest Russian speaking streamers, making Battlefield franchise more popular in RU segment. Thank you for that!
              • KOSHASTER - Russian youtuber making any type of videos, from guides to reviews. Keep doing your great job, soldier!

              Nominés par la communauté, les modérateurs et l'équipe des forums Battlefield
              • Oleole56 - Oleole56 is part of the #FridayNightBattlefield PS4 Europe community and is there every week to help out wherever he can before, during and after the event. Besides that he’s a positive influence in the community helping others in-game and on social media, spreading the Battlefield love.
              • Overskillz25 - Overskillz is part of the #FridayNightBattlefield PS4 Europe community and is there every week to help out wherever he can before, during and after the event. Besides that he’s a positive influence in the community helping others in-game and on social media, spreading the Battlefield love.
              • Rf0606 - Rf0606 is part of the #FridayNightBattlefield PS4 US community and is there every week to help out wherever he can before, during and after the event. Besides that he’s a positive influence in the community helping others in-game and on social media, spreading the Battlefield love.
              • capnschooner/richdangerously - Rich is part of the #FridayNightBattlefield PS4 US community and is there every week to help out wherever he can before, during and after the event. Besides that he’s a positive influence in the community helping others in-game and on social media, spreading the Battlefield love.
              • Timo_Wille1635 - Timo is part of the #FridayNightBattlefield PS4 Europe community and is there every week to help out wherever he can; before, during and after the event. Besides that he’s a positive influence in the community helping others in-game and on social media, spreading the Battlefield love.
              • GetLoGiN - Moderator BF forums ES and AHQ Hero. Always helping other players
              • Jediscum81 - Great player and Twitch streamer, show how to PTFO and represents BCIW concept
              • yahel_1 - Has been helping out on Answers HQ for several years, both on the Battlefield forums and the Origin side of things, making sure all PC Battlefield fans get back into the game. Lover and protector of the community.
              • RakkTalk - What can I say about xTH3x3XTR3M3x that you already don't know. The man lives and breathes Battlefield. Spent hours doing video updates for everyone , updates people about things coming out on social media ( Twitter , Facebook groups , etc ) He also is the one that put together and brought together so many people in the community to do that awesome video for everyone at EA for the holidays. He also is a great influencer to everyone that knows him on and off the Battlefield
              • T4ttooed-veins - She's been incredibly helpful on the Battlefield and helping many others out with events, sharing the content and answering questions when nobody else knew. She's always someone to depend on when someone wants to do gaming. She's an overall great and awesome person to know.
              • SOCOMsnoopy714 - SOCOMsn00pyTF16 is a dedicated teamplayer on and off the battlefield, he is a regular FNB participant and is always raising awareness for any and every community event going on in the Battlefield world. SOCOMsn00pyTF16 represents the definition of a true DICEFRIEND in every way and embodies what it means to be part of the BCIW.
              • Shadow6ix - Screenshotter extraordinaire, all around cool dude, positive influence, and he flies helicopters for a living, the perfect combo
              • Rogue-N9 - Amazing BF1 YouTuber who has offered a lot of insight on some niche areas of the game with his videos, my personal favorites being the many in the "Least Used" series. He also has a very large player following, with 5 different platoons (Rogues Raiders, Roughnecks, Rangers, Reapers, and Renegades) comprising a full NATO-sized battalion of 425 fine soldiers with him technically serving as the Lieutenant Colonel. His efforts are great, his footprint is vast, and he is definitely as good a candidate to receive this tag as anyone else who has it.
              • Rafah__Spfc – Well-known within the Brazilian community, Rafah shares updates, details, information in a friendly, helpful way to promote Battlefield and the Brazilian community.
              • PABSTon3DO - Admin on Promotes creatives within the community and is a regular Friday Night Battlefield participant. Works to continue building up the creative community and Battlefield community in general.
              • OddJob001 - OJ has long been a moderator of Battlefield subreddits. His work on the Battlefield_one subreddit continues to help improve it's performance and usefulness, providing a valuable space for information sharing about the BF Franchise titles. In addition, as a member of Clan AOD OJ has been active in leading scrimmages on PC for Large-Scale competitive matches in coordination with HardCore League, helping to foster good sportsmanship and fun throughout the Best Community In The World.
              • Morningtimecloud - Member of the EA and Battlefield community for many years... Always helps out with events and is an admin on FridayNightBattlefield. He is also one of the mods for the EA Gaming discord and always engages with other community members in a positive way on there.
              • MarcosTav97 - He is always presenting us all updates from BF1, explaining with details the changes and showing them on gameplay which contributes to reach more Brazilian players since most BF1 channels are most in english. His channel PlenitudeGamer intends to be the best BF1 channel there is in Brazil.
              • Besides all of these, he is working hard to let the brazilian communit aware of the changes, future DLC and have plans to show more aspects of the game being presented in a unique way only this guy is able to do.
              • Firgunofficial - She's been a very huge our community with her content creations for YouTube and more for entry of upcoming gamers. She's also been heavily involved with Battlefield Ladies Night for quite some time.
              • Dlzzydave - Dave lives, breaths and bleeds the Battlefield franchise. He is welcoming, sharing of his BF knowledge and ALWAYS gets involved with any community events. He is one of the most active BF twitterers I know and has also been instrumental in helping with the @Kolibrigade "I-Spy on the Battlefield" contest. All round top sound geezer!
              • Drummersunite - I would like to nominate drummersunite on behalf of @722_BFFs for the creation of the 100 honour coins to award soldiers that have gone above & beyond in the @Batlefield community, drummersunite has always been a positive member of this community & does nothing less but inspire moral within the platoon DIVISION 722 with nearly 1k members across all platforms
              • DeathBurrito24 - We have recognized many of our big streamers; it is time to recognize our small streamers, too. DeathBurrito is at his PS4 nearly every morning for his Coffee Hour stream. A small, but tight community of Battlefield enthusiasts have formed around his daily stream, as has a platoon. This is the best community in the world, right? This is how it is made from the ground up: a group of friends playing games and chatting together every morning.
              • AXEFPS09 - Axe has been dedicated to broadcasting with Tier One for years now. He is currently the only other broadcaster for competitive matches within the league and has shown nothing but reliability and commitment to the players. Axe gives veteran players, new players, and returning players inspiration to continue playing Battlefield through his broadcasting in Tier One Gaming Live.
              • AtticusRebel - TFR has really been doing as much as he can to get involved with the community and get the community involved. From DICEvsCOMMUNITY to now handling with the BF1 CTE platoon, he has done everything he can to establish himself to become a DICE Friend. He shows leadership and the ability to help other platoons progress as well. That is why I nominate him.
              • JokerzHigh808 - AKUABUILT808 gives back to the Battlefield community putting on little events on Xbox & PS4 sponsoring organizing events along side Hosh921 on the battlefield. Obtaining his dog tags could reward yourself BF1 frontline pack, BF1 coffee mug, even PDP controllers & many more Battlefield items shipped right to your door step on time. The giving doesn’t stop he also does giveaways on Twitter for Battlefield community. He is great asset and friend of the Battlefield community.

              Merci à tous pour cette année 2017 et rendez-vous l'année prochaine!

              Merci à tous et à bientôt sur le champ de bataille!

              EA Moderator | Senior Battlelog Moderator | BF3, BF4 & BF1 DICE Friend | BFHL Game Changer |

            • BF-B0t_Mod
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              Et c'est sur cette 6ème vague de DICE Friends que se termine la liste des récompenses Battlefield 1, merci à tous pour votre investissement pour Battlefield :

              Nominés par DICE
              • Sinner_birD - For long and active duty within the Chinese Battlefield community. Let's show the Chinese players that we care about them.

              Nominés par la communauté Battlefield
              • Epwna - Jess created Dawn Breaker Gaming, PTFO, for the battlefield community. She’s created countless videos for battlefield in the past and has been a strong advocate for the BF Community and it’s other members.
              • German_Soldier02 - War Bot 3000 is a standout Ambassador of the Battlefield, both on and off. He’s recently earned Affiliate status on Twitch, where he has headed up multiple Battlefield streams for charity through Humble. War Bot has demonstrated his passion and zeal for the Battlefield franchise and Community many times over, and will be a great asset in the future of the Battlefield.
              • GI_joey - Joey has been all over the Battlefield community. He's been an overall great guy with a good influence on others. Helping with community events, getting behind the scenes, jumping in on many at random moments while trying to create content for all. He's a great friend to have that will support you in the long run no matter how much time goes by that you don't talk to each other. He'll still reach out to see how you're doing or just some random tweet giving some insight.
              • GREAT112450 - Some people are like glue, it doesn't matter if another Battlefield game is coming, and BF1 feels a lil bit rusty, some people can bring others together and maintain them running a server of BF1. Derek is one of the glue people, leader of Scottish Hellfighters platoon, with more than 100 unique players and very known by theirs philanthropic events raising money for charity, he's always calm, attentious and friendly. Don't miss a single FNB, but most importantly, he never miss a opportunity of offer help to the community. Keep it that way Derek!
              • GrizzleBF - Grizzle is an outstanding community member, who’s passion for the game drives his motivation for wanting Battlefield to always do better. He’s not afraid to give feedback when feedback is needed and I think that is a much valued and necessary thing for Battlefield. Grizzle is a wonderful streamer as well, he squads up with friends and viewers and he’ll give tips on how to play whenever asked. These traits are why I’m nominating and think GrizzleBF deserves this honour.
              • HardCor3Gam3r88 - HardCor3Gam3r88 is a well known person in the Battlefield Community. Always helping new and veteran players out if they need help or sharing information about upcoming Battlefield titles. He's also a a great leader of one of the DIVISION 722 Platoons ons Xbox and always working hard to win new members and connect them. Sometimes he is streaming as well. It's a pleasure to know him and to have him in the Community. He's a born gamer playing Battlefield since years.
              • HitmanPike - Hitman is currently a shoutcaster for Hardcore League matches and other community events, and is also one of the founders of the new Shots Fired podcast. Hitman is passionate about Battlefield Esports; showcasing not only the NA region, but EU teams and players as well. He is a genuine and upstanding member of the Battlefield community, and regularly strives to show teamwork, sportsmanship, and love within the community.
              • JusticeJ0ker - A massively helpful person: moderator for the official Battlefield Discord, regular poster and decoder for BFEE, often found in FNB events. As a truly kind and frequently active user within the community they deserve recognition for their contributions to the good of the Battlefield community.
              • kingles08 - Kingles is an honest and true person inside and out. A true BF fan and is a positive and helpful community member. He’s become like a brother to me and was there for me when I lost my Dad recently and is an active member of my platoon taking part as VIP in my weekly event.
              • LadyScrapi - LadyScrapi is all the things you can imagine when you are looking for a battlefield essence, it`s powerful player, helpful with all the people, never think if you are newbie in this world or pro player, she only brings to you help, funny and good moments. streams this game, play PTFO, making respect and making community more big and friendly for all the players. For me, this is battlefield essence, Play hard,help people,PTFO,funny girl and fighting to build a strong community^^
              • MagzReloaded - I may have only known Magz for a few months but in that short time she has been always friendly, welcoming and joyful to chat with. Debates on games are respectful and often filled with jokes, gifs and hahas. Her streams are entertaining and interactive, also supports many creators within the community.
              • MightyQu1nn75 - Runs a full active platoon (FMJ), hosts multiple packed weekly community events. She is always willing to help anyone and is accepting of everyone no matter their skill or experience on battlefield. She extends on that with her experience being a xbox ambassadors to help others through Facebook and Twitter
              • mobys8lives - Moby is a part of the #FridayNightBattlefield PS4 US community helpers and is there every week to help out wherever he can before, during and after the event. He is a positive influence within the Battlefield community and is always willing to help other players.
              • NIBITintheBOSCH - He is the CM for Hardcore League and is one of the key organizers of community and competitive events. He is always making ideas a reality by communicating with teams/players/communities to get things done. The Hardcore League couldn't do what they do without him.
              • ORANGE-EXPRESS - Classic Pink has been one of the most amazing Medics and Team Players you can ask for. Aside from that; He has shown his support by representing #FNB and is an active player in the Battlefield Community. His valued reputation is shown by supporting events while also interacting with other squadmates giving new players a chance to see what Battlefield is really about. I believe with his characteristics; ClassicPink can show New and even Veteran Players what a Community has to offer!
              • 235Nuke - Runs one of the biggest divisions in all of PC on AOD, Team player and always helps out one another and really a great guy to squad up with, and very engaging into the community.
              • | Nighthammer | - This gentleman is an awesome team player and a die hard Battlefield player! He also is the owner of OMG which is filled with amazing team oriented players! OMG is always supporting others throughout the Battlefield community! He also streams over on Twitch and is a positive influence for our community!
              • Apollo22K - ApolloK22 is a standout Ambassador of the Battlefield, both on and off. As a word-class Medic, he’s a master at teamplay and putting others first. He’s an integral Member of several Platoons, as well as an influential streamer on Mixer. Apollo has proven himself to be the man you want watching your six on the Battlefield, as well as a credit to the Community as a whole.
              • Arkenbrand - Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, Mixer, or Twitch, Arkenbrand/HarkentoArken is all over the place giving his support, advise and comraderie. His efforts to keep and cultivate the Best Community in the World is noticed by many, both on the battlefield and off.
              • hayes_8815 - This fella is a great member of the community, he takes part in the CTEs, community events and is an EA Answers member, he is always active on the forums and Twitter is is always a positive member of the community. I would love to see this guy become a DICE friend.
              • Penta-HormigaZ - This man was a locomotive on the Incursions Project with J. Dalunde and D. Sirland. Helpful, always to find the best way for the development of Incursions.
              Nominés par les modérateurs et l'équipe des forums Battlefield
              • Carbonic - AHQ Hero, Battlefield Forum Moderator, and dedicated, passionate fan who puts the community first.
              • GatiImo - Japanese legend. Also his name means potato due to his sniping style of being mad patient. Not moving, like a potato. Not sure if that his origin id though. Liam
              • Amrazzz - Amraz has been a very active member of Battlefields discussion on french forum ( in a very constructive way. He's a true fan of the franchise and a great ambassador
              • SJA-Falcon6 He is the leader of the biggest Chinese Facebook community with over 25K Chinese players. Core BF player, lots of contribution to the Chinese community (promoting BF series games and localising all information in the groups)
              • MattHuang850813 (PSN ID) - Core BF player, Taiwan influencer who focus on BF series content creation with significant impact in Greater China and has fans from Mainland of China. He produces BF content and history related videos every week. He is our BFV general of TW.
              • Core_Of_Idea - Our best Korean BF influencer and core player, passionate and positive about the franchise. Korean general, has been with us all this BFV journey. His channel is dedicated to BF, fans call him "The Jackfrags of Korea"
              • Slengineer - Chris has contributed significantly to the battlefield community by creating amazing content around the games as well as promoting BF to his fans.
              • billyeatworld - Bill stands out as a positive pillar in the ANZ battlefield community, always supporting the developers and the work that EA does through his videos and content.
              • HAYA_Bouns - Active representative and player within the PS4 community. Interacts a lot on Twitter and on the forums. Member of Haya Team.
              Merci à tous et à bientôt sur le champ de bataille!

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