Battlefield V: More Info

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While this may seem like a small detail that can be over looked, would it be possible to display the vehicle loadouts in the armory? This will make it a little easier for players setup their vehicle/aircraft(a/c) que. For example, my a/c que is anti fighter in spot one, anti bomber in spot two, and bomber/ground in spot three. I have only been playing BFV for a couple weeks but I only learned yesterday that some a/c have flares and just tonight I noticed that the Spitfire VB is equipped with a bomb, however I couldn't tell you what size the basic bomb is which means I am really not sure of its destructive ability... Granted this is a feature that, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't really affect the game play, but providing the information may relieve some frustration in trying to figure it out using the specialization menu and can help the setup of your ques flow smoothly. And as the legendary war hero GIJOE said "knowing is half the battle".
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