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  • Re: Is being teabagged a good thing?

    “Is being teabagged a good thing?”

    Depends how long you’ve been dating.
  • Re: Cavalry class is ruined

    To fix the cavalry: -

    1) Stop listening to infantry that think anything they can't kill 1v1 is OP. Cavalry was never meant to be soloable. It is a limited spawn vehicle class like tank and plane and even at it's most powerful it wasn't as powerful as a tank or a plane. Now it's pathetic.

    2) I don't think you need to lose your chestplate armor when dismounted. You are already massively hindered by having only the worst scout rifle or a sidearm.

    3) If you're losing the armor when dismounted, stop insta-killing the rider if the horse dies. Give 50 damage. Even 90, but instant death because your horse dies makes riding a liability.

    4) If you're losing the armor when dismounted, beef it back up (to beta levels) when mounted. (Did they do this? I'm still getting horse-killed regularly).

    5) Improve the jumping and steering and/or add a manual jump when you *know* you're about to hit a fence you should be able to clear but will probably get stuck in.

    6) Return health (and ammo) pick up to what it should be.

    7) Allow switching to sidearm when on horse. Allow ADS when stationary.

    Would all of that make cavalry OP? No more than tanks or elites. See point 1).
  • Re: Turning Tides is split in 2 (2 separate dates)

    So DICE are damned when they rush DLC out 'unfinished' but also damned if they take a measured, staged approach......

    No wonder the devs avoid this place.
  • Re: Gun update, when is it? & What do you think?(PS4)

    I for one am completely against this proposed change; at least in the form it currently has.

    I can see the argument for a buff for some of the lesser used, less useful weapons such as the Huot (both variants), Lewis gun, MP18, SMG 08, etc. They do need some help as they are obviously the least used weapons in each category.

    But a broad brush buff to everything automatic? Absolutely not. BAR, Hellriegel, Automatico, Ribeye, Chauchat, etc. do NOT need any more help in any form whatsoever. They are already the most used and most prevalent automatic weapons in game; the last thing I want is to give them even MORE power.

    I get that many people are excited for this update mainly for the fact they are excited Scout is getting "shafted". Have whatever opinions you want, I have never felt they were overly effective in this game. Everyone has their own pet gripe. To some, they can't stand OHK snipers/shotguns. Some can't stand aircraft.

    I can't stand the overly versatile automatic weapons this game has. Hellriegel, BAR come to mind firstly. Argue how much you want, the fact that a game based on WW1, you'll see most of the playerbase gluing themselves to these spray-n-pray, 30+ mag size auto weapons is goofy to me.

    And what about Medic? Sure, a spread decrease is nice. But isn't THAT long of range play supposed to be Scout's thing? Are we just trying to turn Medics into the new Scouts? Cause that's what will happen. Medic's will slide even further out from the action, or simply quit playing Medic and do something else.

    I'll never understand the logic that LMG's should have:
    Huge magazines
    High to decently high ROF (In most cases, Chauchat is exception)
    But also high TTK with 3-5 bullets to kill??

    BS I say. They SHOULD be long TTK, you get a near endless stream of lead to work with, why should it cut people down even faster?
  • Purpose of startup "world" screen?

    Playing on the PS4 and every other time I start BF1 I get the planet in middle of screen with some background music. BF1 then fails to load and the game just does nothing. Close the game and restart and BF1 will start as normal?

    What's the point of putting this fail loading screen in the game? Is there a reason other than to frustrate players?
  • Re: Bring Back 40-Player Operations!

    64p = Men
    40p = Boys

    Take your pick.
  • Re: Martini Henry

    Rifle okay, auto rotation not ok
  • Re: Bring Back 40-Player Operations!

    I do not agree. 64-player mode is correct mode.
  • Re: Stodeh and Ravic sniping on PC. Is such mastery possible on PS4, or XB1?

    'Tis but a flesh wound........ No it's not I cut your bloody arm off lmao

    Thanks for that laugh of memory lane
  • Re: You really want this?

    slywether wrote: »
    Just don't buy lootboxes. Period. I've seen this article gd everywhere today.


    That's it. Who cares if some schmo wants to blow $100 for a chance at a skin. Let the company abuse that fool, and let the fool carry on. I've never played a game with microtransactions, where the "loot" in question was even remotely, not even in the same dimension of gamebreaking.

    I simply don't understand the fuss.

    Or go ahead and buy Lootboxes, it simply doesn't matter at all.


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