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  • Re: BUFF Cavalry again

    Dice - "sorry cavarly isn't allowed anything but nerfs"

    *buffs Automatico and Hel*

    It honestly feels like the cav designer and someone who codes and such had a falling out and it's some petty joke. Why else would blatant nerfs not be in the patch notes?
  • BF1 Turning Tides - Gallipoli and Base Game Update Rolling Out December 11th

    We are pleased to announce that the Battlefield 1 Turning Tides - Gallipoli and Base Game Update will start rolling out tomorrow. While access to Battlefield 1 Turning Tides - Gallipoli content will be limited to Premium Pass and Battlefield 1 Revolution owners for their 2-week Early Access, the download is required for all Battlefield 1 players for online play.

    The Update will be automatically deployed to your platform on Monday, December 11th across all platforms with the following downtimes:
    • PC: Multiplayer will be offline for 2h starting 08.00 UTC / 12.00 AM PST.
    • PS4: Multiplayer will be offline for 2h starting 10.00 UTC / 2.00 AM PST.
    • Xbox One: Multiplayer will be offline for 2h starting 12.00 UTC / 4.00 AM PST.

    Update notes will be posted here once the Base Game Update is live. Be sure to check back once maintenance is complete.

    Thank you for your patience and see you on the battlefield!

    The teams at EA/DICE
  • Re: Medic aka terminator class

    Surely this whole thread is a wind up?

    It is a wind up. And don't call me Shirley.
  • Re: DICE forcing people to download huge files.

    I'm tired of these huge updates. They release a update that has the size of 2.2GB. Includes a new map. Can i play it? No because i bought only Battlefield 1.

    1. Premium Trials ( you can play all of the content with this )
    2. If you did not download the content aswell as the patch, You would be getting shot by invisible weapons / vehicles ( you NEED the content to actually display the 3d model of the thing that kills you, y'know? )
  • Re: This game is dieing and its a shame.

    You guys should changed your clan tag to [DRAMA]
  • Turning Tides weapons assignments list

    Sorry for the image quality. The word is a bad image editor.
  • Re: Medic aka terminator class

    Is this the same guy that thinks support is op aswell?
    At this point what isn't op to him :lol:
  • Re: cheating is getting worse it cant be ignored

    rock1obsta wrote: »
    Can't cheat on consoles.

    sorry to burst that bubble but xbox one is well and truly hacked.
    I really wish it wasn't.

    It's not hacked.
    What you're seeing is network issues and people with questionable connections. This isn't hacking at all.

    Prove me wrong. Post a video of a hacker on Xbox one. Til then, it's just fluff. No substance.
  • Re: Service Assignments predictions. Whats yours?

    Skip a revive when a Medic is 0m away from you, 1000 times

    Avoid resupplying your teammates for a 100 rounds in a row

    Sit at least 100m away from your base flag, whilst driving an Artillery Truck/Heavy Tank/Landship, 1000 times

    Bail out of your tank/plane after taking just one point of damage, 1000 times

    Behold, a set of challenges that the entire community will complete in no time!
  • Re: Guys i need to know this guy use Cronusmax yes or no ?

    GRIZZ11283 wrote: »
    90% use MnK since its official allowed (see HORI TAC Pro) . Why dont you buy a mnk solution too? you can get them starting at 29$

    90%, is there facts to back up that bold claim?

    The number of diffrent solution offered and the fact that Xim4 is sold out very often on Amazon are clear indicators that mnk is a "standard" at least in shooters already.
    I am sure more people play shooters with mnk than people play racing games with steering wheel device.

    You very silent now :smile:

    Also alone this forum so many posts and xim is only one of numberous solutions offered.

    You should stay realistic dud, there is always someone in the world who knows better than you.

    You aren't that person.
    We can all make up random numbers to best suit a discussion, I think you're 100% wrong, see easy.
    I'm also gonna say I'm probably 90%-100% right that you have not even the slightest clue what % uses M&K.
    Scratch that I'm 100% sure, because there is no way of knowing.

    If you're gonna make bold statements, at least back it up with facts.

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