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  • Re: Ways to keep Premium players happy but let the DLC be free.

    I was thinking what with Battlefront 2 not having Premium and all DLC's free with just cosmetic purchases, BF1 should change now to avoid the inevitable split that will continue to happen with premium only DLC. Personally it wouldn't both me too much if they did give all DLC's free and to compensate all Premium players with Extra Battlepacks per week and other cosmetic changes. Just my opinion and I'm pretty certain the DLC plan is changing for BF1.

    No, just no. Additional content (quality content might I add) should not be free, ever, in any Capitalism based society. Have you ever heard of the economic concept that there is no such thing as a "free lunch"? While DICE providing DLC for free might appear to be free, we as the Battlefield Community will pay. Whether that be in a higher base game cost or in the opportunity cost of missing out on QUALITY content (because inevitably free content would be far less dense), the content would not be "free".

    DICE has a limited number of employees to work on various projects. There is no incentive for the company to allocate quality resources to producing 12+ additional maps, plus many other features if there is no money to be made.

    DICE is a business. It is also a business owned by a company that is publicly traded (EA). Keeping that in mind, the only goal of the company is to generate revenues that translate into profits for all stakeholders. As hard as it may be for you to realize DICE does NOT CARE about the "inevitable split" between premium paying and non-premium players. THEY DON'T CARE, nor should they. Contractually speaking, they have one liability that must be paid and that is to the premium players who invested $50 with the expectation that they will be receiving an abundance of high quality, engaging content.
  • Re: In your opinion of the game, what would help BF sell as much as COD ?

    Competitive. Everybody is competitive (except Battlefield players aka digital skin collectors) so a comp/ranked/ladder/Matchmaking would bring thousands of players over from other games.

    Jesus, you won't let that go. Just go play Overwatch with their cartoon models and their "wha am i stuck in bronze mang!!???".

    I really don't mind a competitive setup for BF1, I can always ignore it if I don't want to play it, but rankeds and ladders? Please, leave that bronze-silver-gold crap out of this game.
  • Re: In your opinion of the game, what would help BF sell as much as COD ?

    Man.. Op is really pushing for those weapon skins he wants.

    Battlefield is Battlefield.

    Call of Duty is Call of Duty.

    You can play both; the world will not explode.


    Also overated can keep its Comp and shove it in the sewerage tank.
  • Re: End of Round Glitch - anyone else

    It's an Operations glitch since they added continuous Operations. I imagine it will be fixed in this months patch. Apparently its not hotfix worthy.
  • Re: Ways to keep Premium players happy but let the DLC be free.

    These guys who keep wanting premium for free to avoid Splitting the community, fail to realize it's THEIR OWN FAULT the community is split.

    Don't want split community? Buy premium. If you don't, then you only have yourselves to blame.

    You split it by not buying it, then have the temerity to blame those who DO buy it for splitting the community.

    Stupid, backward, entitlement minded misers.

    Buy it, or stop with your blatantly wrong way of thinking.

    Premiums buyers unite the community, those who don't buy it are the only reason the community is split.

    Pretty simple.
  • Re: man what the hell is wrong with team's

    OP , I know what your talking about ! I watch players run through a flag not yet captured, not stop but keep running to the next kill, over and over again. The player base quality has dwindled down to the k/d stat padders, hill humpers and AA campers. There still are good players out there but their numbers are dwindling.
  • Re: Ways to keep Premium players happy but let the DLC be free.

    I have so far played 350+ hours in BF1. I paid 80 dollars for the game plus premium. That is probably the cheapest form of entertainment one could hope for.

    I know @HardAimedKid always makes this point. If you can't afford to pay 50 dollars for many hundreds of hours of gameplay on 30+ maps, then you probably shouldn't be spending the first 60 it costs to but the game in the first place.

    Here is the problem. People complained about not being able to play the maps for free, so they added premium friends. Then people started complaining about not getting xp (pointless after rank 10 in classes). If DICE gave people XP, they would complain about not having the weapons for free.

    The quality of DLC that DICE has planned for this title warrants the relatively cheap price tag IMO.
  • Re: CTE reddit alliance needs to go

    mischkag wrote: »
    About killtrades, I explained it several times now, but i will give it another shot. Killtrades are naturally existing in war, particularly with high range encounters. However, the natural delay of playing a game on the internet raises an interesting problem: every player thinks that the game he plays is the only reality. But the truth is that the only reality takes place on the server. So what happens if 2 players kill first on their respective screen?
    You give the kill to both. It is the only fair and tactically just thing to do. Kill trades SHOULD happen often in situations where you find yourself face-to-face with another enemy and you both have good aim and both have hit the trigger. The fact that it may be perceived as bad netcode or may be upsetting to competitive KD-oriented players ought to be beside the point when it comes to making a game mechanic fun, fair and more tactical.

    Kill trading is more than just disappearing bullets, though that concept has always been ridiculous enough to justify kill trades.

    When a soldier receives a mortal wound they don't disappear either. It is impossible to instantly incapacitate another soldier. You would usually have several seconds of returned fire from a 'dying' soldier nevermind the split seconds of a kill trade.

    Kill trading is not only justified it *adds* to the tactics of the situation. Players *should* have to be more careful than to run into face-to-face gunplay. It would lead to more thoughtful and considered, tactical gameplay.

    DICE needs to stop worrying about calls that BF1 is 'casual' or should be more 'competitive' and concentrate on just making it fun and fair and tactical.

    @mischkag I love your work. BF1 is the best of Battlefield. I'm a "DICE Friend", but I'm worried about who DICE is considering when making changes like this.

    This is just like the backpedalling on the original Conquest ticket scoring. It was *all* about PTFO in beta, but a certain section of the community wanted kills to count. Actually I had sympathy with that, but 1 point per kill with the flag scoring unchanged was a crazy swing away from the original PTFO-only emphasis.

    I don't bring that up to muddy the waters of the discussion, but as an example of the kind of emphasis that I love in BF1 slowly being chipped away and right from the beginning. Keep it up and BF1 will be just like any other modern FPS.
  • Re: Ways to keep Premium players happy but let the DLC be free.

    Or maybe because it's nearly 8 months since launch people can buy premium.

    Premium was revealed 10 MONTHS ago.

    Are people in such a desperate finical situation that they can't save $50 in nearly a year but can afford platform, base game, Internet, electricity?

    I'm sorry but no. People cry and throw tantrums wanting more content and maps. Dice offers them that and they spit the dummy going "I'm not paying for that!"

    I don't get it. You want the content but don't want to pay for it.

    * me every single current BF1 player should already have premium. They basically gave it away with the 5 month wait from launch till the first dlc drop. 5 months. That's $10 a month. If you can't manage that you have more serious and pressing concerns then video games.

    Fun fact: video games are a hobby. Relatively cheap in the right content and with self control.
    Video games are not a necessity; they aren't a living essential.

    I want everyone who won't pay for premium/dlc at the *ing least to clock into work for the next three months and tell their employer not to pay them a cent oh and overtime for that entire time too.

    Do that and you'll be entitled to free dlc yeah?

    Oh that's right you properly don't even have a job if you can't afford premium after 10 MONTHS.
    this is not about rich Vs poor; it's basic *ing economics
  • Re: In your opinion of the game, what would help BF sell as much as COD ?

    Cod comes out soon, I'm sure you'll get your wish.

    This is battlefield and what you suggested wouldn't help at all.

    It's what it is, now deal with it.

    Why do people want to change this game to cod, just stupid.

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