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  • Re: Congratulations Morons You Ruined the Game.

    My internet is 6 mbs ADSL from ATT uverse. My ping however is in the lower 40s. It has nothing to do with fast expensive internet but with ping and local servers. I murdered all night and the game felt better than it ever has
  • Re: Tradekills

    If you or they legitimately get the shots off before death ... shouldn't they count? Or should they just magically go poof out of existence?

    I think it's fairer to let the cards fall where the fall.
  • Re: Battlefield 1 - Spring Update Feedback Thread

    I don't understand if it was really necessary to make changes in the netcode. If you're gonna punish high latency players then at least give us servers near our locations like in BF4. Yes, I'm talking about Singapore servers. For most of the players with moderate internet connection this is a totally **** patch. Many of our BF community are leaving this game after this patch. Hopefully you guys will fix this soon.
  • Re: They Shall Not Pass - Favorite Things?

    From what I've played so far:

    - Certain DLC vehicles, starting with the assault tank in this DLC, will be playable outside of the DLC maps. That's a really big plus, imo. I really wish past BF games would've done this. The only other one that I know does it to a certain extent is Hardline. Hopefully this sort of thing carries over into future BF titles.

    - Maps are great (especially Verdun Heights and Soissons). There isn't a single map I hate.

    - New music is a nice addition.

    I've still got quite a bit to go through. Will try Frontlines and the two new operations. Also in the process of getting the new primary and melee weapons.
  • Re: Dice really needs to stop changing the game because of crybabies..

    all i can see that pilots are the biggest cry babies here ... how about you for a change work a bit harder for your 50:1?
  • Re: Dice really needs to stop changing the game because of crybabies..

    But you're the crybaby here. Good players accept the changes and adapt to the new reality.
  • Re: Battlefield 1 - Spring Update Feedback Thread

    Between this and a couple other threads about the same issue; the hit detection for higher pings, I see quite a few posts saying how bad the game is, or how they can't hit anything anymore, performance issues.
    When the shoe was on the other foot though, and people with good internet connections and server availability had to deal with all sorts of unfavorable circumstances due to a mechanic which somehow allowed those with horrible internet to have a better experience than the rest of us, i didn't see these same people complaining at all.
    It's not fun at all, right??

    It's an easy fix for EA.
    Marketing and selling something that can't be used properly is dirty.
  • Re: Here's why india deserves Battlefield servers

    Hi folks,

    We are testing local servers in India in the near future, I will share the results of those tests and see what we can do to improve connectivity for our community in that region.
  • Re: Hits not registering with new patch

    TamKingski wrote: »
    denjoga wrote: »
    Glad to hear this fix is working as intended.
    Now it's up to those of you with no servers in your region to lobby DICE/EA for more server location coverage, instead of it being a problem for those of us with high end internet service who play in the appropriate region.

    I understand this sucks for those of you who have no choice but to play in distant servers, but that issue should be between you and DICE/EA.
    Those of us who don't have that problem should not have been, and no longer will be, penalized by other players' lack of quality server options.

    Thing is though this was a community effort that got these netcode/ping changes and it should also be a community effort to help get these players local servers.We all know that in order to force change we need to speak as a community and not as individuals.

    These players paid for the game and have as much right as you and i to have local servers to ensure a decent gaming experience.
    Just saying its not my problem anymore its you and dice's problem is a bit selfish dont you think?

    Selfish or not, no longer my problem.
    Just look at all the people complaining, saying they've always played with high ping and the game worked fine and now it doesn't...
    It worked fine for them at my expense.
    I've always had a solid, low ping connection and had a miserable experience.
    How is that fair?

    I shouldn't have been penalized for having a better quality connection, but I have been since at least BF3.
    I had to suffer for other people's shortcomings through 3 generations of this game (well, 2+).
    And all the while, the people for whom the games worked great (because they had the "advantage" of an inadequate connection) told me, "stop making excuses and get good".

    I haven't played yet today, so I'm just going by the anecdotes I've seen in the forums, but it sure sounds to me like justice has been served.
  • Re: Fighter plane nerf

    GRIZZ11283 wrote: »
    elit3_loco wrote: »

    Whether you are an excellent pilot or not, this will invariably change your capabilities in air-to-ground combat. Yes, I will get plenty of kills, but it will not have the same effect in my kill log, nor will it help my teammates as much. At the end of the day, this is called a nerf for a reason. If you nerf something, then it isnt that effective, no matter how good you are or were.

    You meant how easy not effective :wink:

    Lol at making out you do it for your team.

    "If you cant beat them, nerf them." That's BF's community new motto.

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