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  • Re: Is the TTK Patch A Success?

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    Support- I'm sure everyone agrees that it is a good thing 7btk guns has been reduced to some sensible numbers, this was a gross imbalance.
    However if the ttk was not implemented then guns like chauchet, bar, parrabelums, mg15, browning m1917 was already in a good place.
    The ads nerf/ bipod buff I feel is a good thing imo. Mg shouldn't be smgs with range, playstyle should be different and distinctive. You can still go on huge kill streaks but you require more thinking.

    Yes we can all agree most support guns needed the slightest of damage buffs. What wasn't needed were all the nerfs and bipod buffs. The recoil and ads nerfs have only pushed supports out of where they are useful. Instead of setting up near the fights and handing out ammo they are sitting on hills with the **** snipers. And that's if anyone is playing support at all. That isn't a satisfying gameplay change for a class used to actually participating in fights. It's not like LMGs were dominating up close or at medium range before the patch. There was no reason for these changes other than this ridiculous idea that LMGs are SMGs with range. The play style was different and distinct as opposed to now that supports ate just scout 2.0.

    I don't know what all these "support is bad at cqc" claims are about.

    People just need to properly phrase it and you'll understand what they mean. Instead of saying "Since the TTK Patch, support is bad at CQC and I don't like it", they need to say, "Since the TTK patch, I am bad at support CQC, and I don't like it".

    Most of the grievances can be adjusted for with a little practice, but like the video said, people don't like change.

    I think the change was great for the game but I also had to adjust things about my playstyle because of it. I was open to that, some aren't.

    Well said. This pretty much sums up every post since ttk 2.0. People refuse to adapt to change.

    Oh yeah the adapt or die argument. Every dissenting opinion comes from bad players.

    Except it doesn't... You clearly have not been paying attention to all the posts. What people have been saying is support plays a different way now. From what I've seen scores are unchanged or even going up slightly. That doesn't mean its as fun as it was before TTK2.0. As a support main I don't want to sit on a hill sniping with my LMG. There's nothing satisfying about hip firing your way to a stupid high k/d. People don't like the changes because they made the game less enjoyable, not because of their score.
  • Re: Has anyone else switched games because of the recent patch?

    Try working on your positioning when using infantry rifles(much like you would with any other CQC focused weapon). The Russian Trench and Carcano are still viable after the patch keeping what I said first in mind. No idea why you think "the casuals" left the game, they most certainly did not. Why do you think the gunplay is "bland" with the patch?
    If you're an above average player you can still do very well after the patch in my experience, I've done so with all classes(including aggressive scout) but support- I haven't tried playing support a lot at all so far- and I'm not a "pro" either.
    BF1 was always supposed to have a "rock-paper-scissor" type gun balance. This patch has made that a bit more noticable, requiring you do have better positioning when you are fighting at a range that isn't optimized for your weapon, not much more.

    But many may not be above average players. I would say most players by far are just "average' or below, and i've been frustrated off the game. But that being said, i was still a full ranked scout, and not "bad" at the game by any measure. It's just that it's not very fun playing with an infantry rifle anymore, but even other classes i've tried.

    It's certainly easier to kill, but just as easy to die with a game with very slow respawn, and a crowded game at that. And i just don't see the rationale at all, being nobody was really complaining about the gunplay, and in fact many of what i saw, were crying for NERFS, not Buffs in any way...

    But to the OP, obviously no i don't play it anymore (in fact i'm back on Mafia 2 now back compatible lol), but do come here with the wish they'd reconsider and stop alienating so many of us with these bizarro changes.
  • Re: Why TTK 2.0 fails in 30Hz servers...

    TTK 2.0 should've never been introduced to console. They should've addressed some weapon balance of course, but they went overboard.
  • Re: WW2 here we come! 2018 Battlefield!

    The last time DICE made anything about WW2 was BF1943.

    which came out nearly 10 YEARS ago.

    or 8 years if you want to count that one little campaign level in BC2. ever since, they've just been teasing with WW2 era guns in hardline

    It is long overdue.
  • Re: Does Anyone Know where the Idea for TTK 2.0 Came from?

    Like Marxist said, they're not at all concerned with hardcore since hardly anyone plays it now.

    Which happens to be a direct result of how terribly DICE handled hardcore mode in this game from the beginning.

    As a side note, claiming it's bad scouts that are mostly complaining about the TTK change is just ridiculous. There are very clearly many non-scout players complaining about the update.
  • Re: Does Anyone Know where the Idea for TTK 2.0 Came from?

    I was critical of it just after it was announced when I first brought notice of it to these forums back in September. So were many others in that thread. People were critical of it on CTE as well, but they got downvoted to hell. Which is funny because now I see posts that are critical of TTK2 on there being upvoted. That's the problem with Reddit... you can have a valid opinion just to have it downvoted to oblivion and therefore not likely to be seen because the mob doesn't like exactly what you had to say.

    I have no definitive idea where it actually came from, but I suspect YouTubers played a large role in influencing it.
  • Re: Is the TTK Patch A Success?

    IMO, no, it hasn't been a success. It has made the game less enjoyable.
  • Re: Does Anyone Know where the Idea for TTK 2.0 Came from?

    herodes87 wrote: »
    The man who started it all:

    And a wise man he is marbleduck

    The biggest Noob on YouTube. Thats what He is.

    A noob? No - he actually knows what he's talking about when it comes to the numbers and meta. Pretentious jerk? Absolutely! One of the biggest things I hate about his videos (besides his voice and the cadence of his comments) is his condescending attitude towards anyone with a differing opinion. He's the epitome of that BF player who thinks his ideas are the only relevant ones in improving the game and anyone who disagrees is labeled a casual or uninformed idiot.

    Another thing I can't stand is this stupid self-imposed feud he has with xfactor, levelcap, etc. While I'm no fan of either, especially after the way I saw xfactor treat some of his fans he was playing with, the constant dissing sounds more like jealousy at this point rather than trying to set the record straight. (We get it - you don't like them. Move on!)

    i'm not going to go through his video and pick everything apart, but many of the things he points out could be done pre 2.0 (and could be done just as well.) Things like taking advantage of positioning and using it to kill multiple players at a time. And this whole "BF1 was designed around 1 v 1 gunplay which made it bad" is BS. It's his opinion and nothing more.

    While he may be informed to the numbers, everyone needs to remember that, like levelcap, xfactor, and jackfrags... He's just another youtuber with an opinion.
  • Re: Does Anyone Know where the Idea for TTK 2.0 Came from?

    herodes87 wrote: »
    The man who started it all:

    And a wise man he is marbleduck

    The biggest Noob on YouTube. Thats what He is.

    He's actually a decent player - but he seems like a pretentious know-it-all, he's made snide and unwarranted remarks about other youtubers, and like most people who are great at the game and take stats too seriously he treats his views on what BF should be as if they're objectively what's best.
  • Re: DICE - Please Delay Apocalypse

    Funny thing when russian dlc took them 6 months to release, people were crying that there is not enough content and game is dying. And now the final dlc is being released just after 3 weeks of the last part of the 3rd one but people are crying to delay it now. Seriously, it's absolutely impossible to satisfy you.

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