Team Balance Issues Ruining Games.



  • Phthinein
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    Sabotoeur wrote: »
    The only way to solve it is to break up squads and friends.
    They fixed that BF4 complaint in BF1.
    Now everyone is complaining about team balance.
    You cant have it both ways people.
    Yes you can, match shall not start untill there is more than a diffrence of 3 players. So either you wait for the server to fill up or you swap teams with your squad. It could be turned off on the private servers if you have such a request. Yesterday I played a match on Synai with 20 vs 30 and we almost managed to win untill the other team was granted with a Behemoth too early (around 420-300) and they came back. After this kind of matches sometimes I want to uninstall this game.
    That would solve one issue about of 70 with the current system
    Then that fix would pose me having to wait 30 minutes to play a match on some days.
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