We need more serveradmins/mods and private/unranked mode

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I am a member of a platoon who regularly plays fights between platoons on ps4. This going from tdm and dom 5v5to conquest, rush, frontlines 12v12 and 16v16. It's hard without platoontags to spot randoms in the server. There is onlg one who can manage the server, the owner. People have lifes,we organise games on all daysand timezones and the owner can not always be there to kick players and setup the serverand switch people to theright side. As on bf4we need the option to give others a role on the server so it is easier to manage during events like this.Also private settings or password protected servers will help with this issue. And ofcourse unranked mode. The fact that pubs are easy and good for most stats is a reason for people to play as llatoon platoon in a random server. Events are more difficult, challenging and thus not good for stats. Personally i dont care but it scares people away from games like that and it makes them selfish, making them prefer personnal gain and good stats rather than the objective and battle plan that the platoon made up. Please listen to your community and help us having more challenging organised games!

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