Origin Spotlight - Party Invites

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Hello everyone,

You’ve asked us to make it easier to join your friends’ session while playing the same game. In this Origin Spotlight, we’ll be taking a look at how we're making that happen with upcoming improvements to Origin Party Invites.

We’re updating the Party, and you’re Invited!
Previously, responding to a Party Invite within the same game required you to pause and exit your game. But every moment counts when you’re deep inside the action. We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear, so we’re making it possible for you to accept or decline an invite with a single click or keystroke. It’s never been easier to join your friends!

How does it work?
While in-game, just press Y or N to respond to a Party Invite. On your desktop? We’ve made that easier too. Simply click Accept or Decline. Your friend will be notified of your decision, and you’re on your way to join their session. Withdrawing from the Argonne Forest to aid a friend in the Sinai Desert? It’s only a click away!

Here’s what the new in-game and desktop invites look like:


How do I enable the new invite windows?
Simple. Just make sure that you’ve turned on notifications for Game invitations via Origin -> Application Settings -> Notifications. Prefer the old invite system? You can turn this option off via the same menu.

When does the party start?
Starting on April 17th, you can opt-in to the Origin beta via Application Settings -> Participate in Origin client betas, to try out the new Party Invites. Come May, the update will be made available for everyone. And as a bonus, we’re also looking at making it easier to join your friends that are playing another game.

With this Origin update, we’re excited about giving you the power to seamlessly party up with your friends. No matter which Battlefield you’re on.

Thoughts or questions? Let us know!

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