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Platoon searching

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Give a brief description of your platoon. Please include requirements and AO you main out of. Thinking of joining one but would like one that matches my play style and schedule.


  • The_Tubador
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    The [94th] Aero Squadron is a semi-casual/competitive platoon, operating since BF3. Membership is composed of adults 21+ from the USA, as well as Canada, Netherlands, and Lithuania who enjoy playing BF1 casually and winning as a unit. We pride ourselves on maintaining high scores and ratios (average platoon member score is 1000+, KDR is a 3-point). Must have a headset, and be active in the platoon PSN message thread (even if you're not available to play, at least keep up regular communication). No one is expected to play on a daily basis, since we have families and jobs, though we fill a squad on most evenings. Our membership goal is a midsize 50 members: growth, while remaining tightly knit. Weekly platoon skirmishes will be planned once membership reaches 25. Feel free to add me on PSN and shoot me a message on there for any additional questions you may have, and we can set up a time for you to play with us. Hope to hear from you soon!
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