Battlefield 1 UI Update 05182017 Update Notes

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Hello fellow Battlefield 1 players,

Today we’ve rolled out a Battlefield 1 UI Update that features Battlepack suggestions and adds confirmation screens to RSP server changes. If you see the message in your Battlefield 1 main menu regarding a new UI Update, Battlefield 1 will be updated the next time you start up the game.

What was changed? Let’s take a look:

User Interface Improvements
  • Battlepack Suggestions
    • We’ve changed the “Get Battlepacks” message in the UI. Now, you’ll see one of four new messages that are triggered by in-game events. As usual, if you have an unopened Battlepack, the UI will display that in the server loading screen. However, we do have four new messages will indicate more options.
      • Exchange Scraps – This will alert you that you have Scraps available to trade in for new skins in the Scrap Exchange
      • Get Superior Battlepack – This will alert you that you have enough Scraps to purchase a Superior Battlepack.
      • Scrap Duplicates – An indicator that alerts you there are duplicates in your inventory that can be scrapped.
      • New Revision – A new Battlepack Revision has been released. Head to the Battlepack store to check out the new skins and items.
  • RSP Confirmation Screen
    • This message will pop-up in the RSP Configure screen if you attempt to leave the configure screen without saving your options.
  • Various UI Improvements
See you on the Battlefield!

~ The Teams at EA and DICE
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