Getting a good game

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Anybody else having a hard time lately trying to get a couple off good games. There does not seem to be to much team work lately seem everyone cares about they're kd.


  • Baasdreumes
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    If i play solo its easy to start and play a game but then you have no real squad to play with..

    Joining a friend the matchmaking takes longer to get to play together in same team and squad but at least play with a friend..

    Try a party to form a whole squad not only matchmaking takes time but you got to be online at same time its fun but then cant play often...

    Make platoon always friends to party squad but they join 5 platoons so it dont work any better..

    It sounds easy to form a squad but in the end if you like to play a game without all the trouble of matchmaking your back solo with blueberries..

    I.d like to fix it by just giving ps4 friends a color like squad players have the color green.. so i only need to get in same team to start playing together no mather what party squad or platoon they are in today.
  • IIRogueMachineII
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    Yep having that feeling as well, probably not helping that I'm playing on my own. As Squad leader hardly anyone follows me to the marked objective. Most sides I'm on spend way more time capping the enemies gimme flags then taking back our gimme flags so most of time I seem to always be pinned back. Also for some reason even when winning it feels like we're losing!!
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