Battlefield 1 Live Service Update 06012017 Notes

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Hello fellow Battlefield 1 players,

Today we’ve rolled out a Battlefield 1 Live Service Update that adds features to the in-game UI, including tweaks and fixes. If you see the message in your Battlefield 1 main menu regarding a new UI Update, Battlefield 1 will be updated the next time you start up the game.

What was changed? Let’s take a look:
  • Added ability to have clickable links in in-game articles for more information.
  • Added Update Notes to News in-game.
  • Fixed issue where using the "Name" field of the Server Browser page wouldn't work.
  • Reduced time of kick/ban list populating to increase functionality for server admins.
  • Fixed issue where mortar kills were not being tracked.
  • Improved UI performance and speed for in-game menus for all platforms.
  • Fixed black screen issue.
  • Fixed Avatar cloning issue.
  • Fixed issue where Battlepack Collector Dog Tags were not being granted. This will now work retroactively.
See you on the Battlefield!

~ The Teams at EA and DICE
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