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  • mrtwotimes
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    You have (2) pretty simple choices, wait for it or don't play the game. I don't count the 3rd choice which is come to the forum and complain.
  • rename7365
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    "Patience is key here"

    My patience is downhill with this game, it got a lot of problems to deal with as well, the balancing (especially the heavy AUTO AIM for me), the frustrating matchmaking issues ETC. I never knew a main gamemode for a triple AA that would not work because of the dumb matchmaking system.

    I don't even feels it's worth that wait, thank god I didn't buy premium.
    They need to add simple interesting things in this game or make us happy for once.

  • B_FRESH618
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    Say what you will but if we see a cataclysmic drop in players before the Russian dlc don't say the community didn't warn ya.
    I'd love to see the game thrive but it's getting pretty difficult.

  • Ram1c
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    Technically it's like one month in between new dlc since the last free map you get drops in july. It's 6 months of you mean official dlc expansions.
  • defcon_hostile
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    I am simply stating that DICE have multiple teams whom work on different projects.

    There are teams dedicated to:
    • map design
    • vehicle and weapon balance
    • vfx and map artists
    • sound designers
    • bug fixing
    • QA
    • testers where new content is tested in an environment that simulates live play

    It is easy for people to demand MOAR but until you have actually attempted to create content in a game engine you will never truly be able to appreciate just how much time and effort is needed to create said content.
    Patience is key here.

    I think we all appreciate what goes into a game, & couldn't do it ourselves, all very clever technical stuff.
    But some of us have long been concerned about downward trend in player numbers. Few of my pals play any more. Once gone, it is difficult to rekindle their fire & enthusiasm even when new stuff drops.
    I expect we have all worked at places where we get pulled off one project to "firefight" on another which has fallen behind, maybe that is what has happened here.
    Games often have a bounce in players when new stuff is dropped, but for some reason BF1 didn't & it's population is slowly dropping, which may lead to the conclusion that many copies have been placed firmly back on the shelf.
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