A few thoughts.

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Imagine what the game would be like if you could hold triangle / y button / etc. and do various actions like pick up any dropped weaponry instead of a whole class, and/or other actions with gun features.

Also, players may be more inclined to buy maps or even go premium, if they are aloud to access new weapons, maybe not immediately like premium players, but a short time afterwards.
(Not sure if this has already happened, I have premium)

Combos with melee weapons wouldn't be such a bad idea, sure you'll kill faster, but I'm sure it'll make this game a chunk more exciting.


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    Gaming To A New Level
    Jonathan Barrett
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    Welcome to those who have just found this page. I am writing to all of you, the players.
    You are the ones that define how games are played and how battles are won.
    No matter what game is played whether its battlefield one, FIFA 2017, or even need for speed rivals. Whatever it maybe it’s a time where family can get together, even after a long 9 to 5 work day we still look forward to playing the games we love.
    Now, what if there was something more than just an afternoon of R&R? What if we could turn it up a notch on competitive play by live broadcasting on an official level so that all can see what we are made of? Earning rewards for playing whether its Xbox live, money, or prizes for completing such tournament’s an incentive such as this can bring forward to a revolution of the 21st century. gamers who seek competitive play at its finest as well as those who just simply want to play with some extra perks. For those who ask how would we do this? And to answer that question is simple, Creating a app for, ps4, and Xbox one portal designed for gamers to enter tournament’s with live news and broadcast each player must would sign in pick which game to play. You can use you sign in user name (gamer tag) and password to enter.
    It would be important to put in accurate information about yourself so that way when you earn rewards it goes to the proper player. For those who are 18+ will be able to earn money and other prizes, but we won’t leave out the little guys there are ways they can earn too.
    Author Note
    I believe in make something great into something better but I need the public’s help working alongside with EA, Dice ETC would be the fundamental idea of starting some great.
    Any questions or concerns email me at [email protected] or the forums. WE ALSO HAVE A Facebook Page as well just search for Valhalla.inc.

    Thankyou Valhalla. INC note this not advertising this is just a idea i like to share

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    It is too bad this game is being ruined by the night domination to the game. Tired of fighting in places where your 99% of the time blind. Seriously considering leaving Battlefield and looking for a more entertaining game. Where you can actually see what is going on!
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