Dynamic players teleporting to different locations

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This isn't my first time observing this, as it seems to come with every new patch. Which means I can expect more. Basically, when I look at other players on the map, whether from spawn screen or face to face, they appear to sort of teleport over extremely short distances.

Let me clarify. By "dynamic player," I mean anyone who is moving. For instance, there is an assault running in a straight line to objective A. Said assault suddenly disappears for about half a second, then reappears 2-3 meters away. farther down the line that he is following to get to said objective. Multiply this by several times a minute across the vast majority of players. Obviously, not a problem for friendlies to be doing this, but if it's a face off with an enemy player, you can see the predicament. A lot of players will oscillate left and right to make themselves harder to hit. Planes are even worse. Spazzing and disappearing and reappearing across three axis makes it infuriating to try and shoot these guys. This, in combination with this Dsync or latency issue can result in some very fierce raging behind the desk.

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue. I'm pretty sure it isn't me as my ping is 25-35 average, but if it's because I have adblock or some random program that bogs down my optimal network performance, I am completely willing to make and effort to rectify it. Lastly, I'm betting that I am also in a sort of teleporting state when observed by other players and I am therefore harder to hit. I am in no way claiming that anyone is cheating or using some sort of cheat to boost their performance. I completely believe this is a server/network issue.

Much appreciated for any constructive feedback.


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    oh man, ive had this happen to me before. it was really crazy.

    when id go to jump or spring over an object id teleport to some other random object around the map, and go back and forth... even happened when i knifed someone. this game is messed up sometimes....
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