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Im going to start of by saying this is not a bash EA on what they have or have not done.
Having said that after recently renting a server myself and being an active server operator, owner and head administrator for a gaming network for in total 18 - 19 years I will say this.... EA only you can kill this game.

I can understand the reasoning behind why you wanted to take some of the control away from people who rent servers. I can also understand why you wanted to stop large gaming networks from hosting and reselling servers. But you really need to meet the people half way.

I have seen a post about "Maybe" bringing in Hardcore presets. This I think everyone would agree would be a good start. But I would also like to see said hardcore server be able to change "Some" fields that do not negatively effect the intent of a HC server without turning it into a "Custom Server" (Happy to give an example if you like.)

From what I can see of how the server backend runs it looks like the current map and server settings are cached which allows us to be able to make changes without having to restart the server. Big thumbs up on that. But how about giving us the ability to save settings to a profile so when we want to make chances we dont have to go through a few dozen settings before we are done.

Im crossing my fingers that you will at least bring out some kind of HC preset and do it very very soon.


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