Battlefield 1 Live Service Update 06292017 Notes

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Greetings, Battlefield 1 community!

Today we’ve rolled out a Battlefield 1 Live Service Update that adds features to the in-game UI, including tweaks and fixes, and the much-requested Community Mission tracker. Next time you start up the game Battlefield 1 will ask you to update to access online features.

What was changed? Let’s take a look:
  • End of Round screen
    • Moved Battlepacks reward to the Personal tab.
    • Added new Battlepack progression handout.
    • Changed the layout of Class Ranks on the Personal tab.
    • Updated animations on the Personal tab.
    • Moved stats from the Squad tab and the Personal tab to the new Stats tab.
    • Removed the Highlights tab, instead showing the new Personal tab first.
    • Removed the Squad tab.
  • Battlepacks 2.0
    • With this update, we’ve tweaked the way you earn Battlepacks. We have made it more predictable and fair in how you are rewarded a Battlepack.
      • Each player will have a progress bar towards their next earned Battlepack.
      • Your progression to your next Battlepack is based on time played, match quality and performance.
      • Once the bar fills, you’ll be awarded a Battlepack and the progress bar will reset.
      • This will replace the previous Battlepack drop system.
  • Medals
    • Added a message on the home screen when new medals are available.
    • Added sequential numbers for criterion.
    • Various minor bug fixes.
  • Community Mission UI
    • The community missions will be shown and tracked in the UI. This will activate with upcoming Community Missions. Current missions will not be tracked.
  • Various UI Bug fixes.

See you on the Battlefield!

~ The Teams at EA and DICE
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