Some cool ideas / DICE PLS :P

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Just wanna share some cool ideas i've came up with while playing this game.
1.Applying weapon skins to the cavalry version of the Russian 1895. I think this would look pretty sweet ingame.
2.MOAR barbed wire !!! Give the support class the ability to deploy barbed wire :D We have melee weapons with the ability to destroy it, but it is rarely used. Barbed wire played a big role in WW1 so it think it would fit in nicely as a gadget to block some paths.
3.Infantry versions of the bolt action rifles for all classes. Why not ? It would be pretty nice and immersive, many people would be happy.
4.Make all pistols available on all classes. This one bothers me a lot, i just don't think its good to restrict them in such a way. It would bring some nice variety.
5.Give us the ability to customize our tank loadout and appearance in the customize screen WITHOUT having to spawn in a tank/click on the tank spawn.


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    When this game launched I wanted bolt action rifles for all classes. But now DICE would have to make a couple of changes for me to be on board.

    First off, get rid of the sweet spot. This mechanic is my least favorite thing in bf1. I can't understand why they utilized it.

    Secondly, get rid of auto rotation on the bolt actions. It's awful that it's coupled with the sweet spot.

    I might be for it if they just got rid of auto rotation, but I'd have to play it before knowing for sure.

    I don't think people would like the flow of the game jammed up with barbed wire.

    I'm extremely surprised that they haven't fixed the tank loadout problem.
    I like ideas 1 and 4 as well.
  • Trokey66
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    4 & 5, that's it.

    As @DARTH_JAR_JAR222 says, with current mechanics as they are, all class bolt actions would be a nightmare.
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