[CAMPAIGN] Won't Kill even When I use my Whole magazine

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Hello Everyone!
I need your help, I've been playing Battlefield Hardline for few hours and trying to solve my problem, but I just can't figure out why it's happening.
Hope you Guys can help me Figure out this.
So I Downloaded Battlefield Hardline, next I wanted to test the game out so I turned on the Campaign, it was lagging [not internet connection, just the graphics] so I changed the graphics to MEDIUM. At first everthing was working fine, later I found myself unable to play the game because of a problem.
Whenever I shot a bullet into some bad guy he didn't die, not even a hitmark, I shot TWO WHOLE magazines into someone[I was right in front of him when I shot him] and he didn't die but when I hit them with my MELEE WEAPON they would die. I have no idea what to do. Any help? Please guys help.

I appreciate every help.



  • 353087
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    In Multiplayer, I'm able to kill a player. It just doesn't work in Campaign.
  • IvanicskoGabor
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    Same issue here. I can't believe that this wasn't patch since 2017 July 😤
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