State of the Game - A 2017 Review - A HC Mode Player

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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on the state of the game now half way through 2017?

As for me, I am a hardcore player, always have been in any FPS game I play, if there is a hardcore mode which reduces the HUD, removes floating symbols, removes the crosshair and makes every bullet your potential death, then I am there!

I love BF1, I really enjoy the visuals, the sounds and the feel of it and the weapons (granted to begin with I was a critic of how much automatic weaponry there was and how bolt action rifles were under-represented given they were the primary weapon of almost all soldiers in WWI and to a slightly lesser extent in WWII as well). I still love the game, even more so with the latest introduction of nation specific standard issue bolt action rifles for each class, this is something I have been asking for since day one and they have finally delivered.

My main complaint however is with hardcore mode, well... technically it isn't, it is more to do with the in-game server browser and method of finding games. As much as I was sceptical about Battlelog to begin with, I soon got used to it and enjoyed a simple server browser and filter system to find my hardcore servers for the various game modes available. Even now, BF3 and BF4 have plenty of maxed out and populated hardcore servers, however for some reason I am finding it very hard to find them in BF1 using the in-game browser.

Honestly I feel like there are too many options and all of these buttons should be replaced by 3 options:

1) Quick Match - finds a random populated server covering any game mode in normal (core) mode.
2) Server Browser - allows players to search through a list of core mode servers with filters available to fine tune the search.
3) Hardcore Server Browser - same as the above, only it will only find hardcore servers.

I believe that after the previous hardcore nerf patches (granted I believe these have been back-tracked, or at least most custom servers are now set to 200% damage) most players just went back to core, and with so many suggested game modes and buttons with the in-game server browser not being immediately there, plus the filter system doesn't seem to work for me properly I find that compared to most other games, especially previous Battlefield titles, hardcore is very underpopulated. Adding to the issue is that when I finally get into a server, the round often ends and I get kicked out again because it has just rolled onto a premium map.

Just now for example, I was in 10th place to join the only populated HC conquest server, when I finally got it the team I joined was immediately defeated and it rolled into a premium map. I then noticed that the server population had dropped from the 64 it was down to less than 35, nearly half... :/

Rant over.
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