Hi guys, come join us at =GS= Conquest | 200% Damage | No Scouts | Vanilla Maps

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Hello PC community!

As you know it's pretty hard getting custom servers started because they don't get matched into. So I'd like to extend an invitation to one and all to come play with Ghost Soldiers, a new gaming community.

Our server is double damage conquest with 200% tickets, 50% respawn. Killcam and Behemoths are disabled, and it is 6 players to start. The rest of the settings insofar as spotting are vanilla.

We have the scout kit disabled right now, but it is subject to change based on public reception. We wanted to promote squad based objective play and limit the number of mountain side snipers that 200% damage seems to attract. We don't hate bolt actions however, as such we do have SIR enabled.

Server Name: =GS= Conquest | 200% Damage | No Scouts | Vanilla Maps

-No cheating/exploits of any kind
-No Racism/Bigotry

We are open to suggestions and potentially more servers in the future. We hope you we come join us!
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