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Community Missions Feedback / Suggestions

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First of all the in-game tracking option made the community missions more visible and made the player community more aware.

In this way the recent whysosara #1 community mission resurrected the rush game mode and I believe many people played it the very first time in their BF1 lifetime.

Btw 20 bomb plants in 2 days deadline was a bit difficult to achieve for even experienced players but nvm...

Again putting "call to arms" summer mission to boost operations and forthcoming "defend the frontlines" to boost frontlines gameplay are great ideas...

While you re doing this plz dedicate a gamechanger or summer community mission to BACK TO BASICS to make people aware of this game mode.. I really think that %80 of the BF1 community doen't even know this game mode exists...


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    The first thing I do now when I start up the game is look at the news tab to see whats happening without that theres a good chance id lose a day or so on completing any community mission.
    I think the tracker needs to be higher or put elsewhere its too hidden at the bottom in the 'soldier' tab if you dont scroll down you cant see it and as theres been no need to scroll down previously I found accidentally.
    It is still a great addition and been wanted for a while now.
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