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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the Battlefield Forums.

If you're a new member of our community or an old seasoned vet, make sure to check out the update Forum Rules & Guidelines as a refresher.

We've added some new faces to the community who will be helping out with the day-to-day running of the Battlefield forums, to help keep this the #BestCommunityintheWorld.
But don't worry - the moderators you know and love are still here.

One of the things we really care about is being a part of the community - not just "forum police". Playing games with our community and interacting on the forums in official and non-official ways (Off-Topic used to be one of my favorite places back on Battlelog) are just some of things we do.

But, you may ask, who exactly are the mods, admins, EA staff, etc.?

We'll, this thread answers that question. All of the volunteer moderators, EA mods, EA Staff, Admins, and maybe even a Dev or two will be posting in this thread - kind of a "Get to Know You" post, to share a bit about ourselves and be more than a faceless Forum Staff member.
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