False Punkbuster ban on OFFICIAL BF4 Servers...

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yesterday there was a thread about false punkbuster kicks/ban on some OFFICIAL Bf4 servers conected with BF4DB.i started my investigation to found out if there any exploits used by bf4db plugin to issue fake punkbuster bans and came into conclusion that YES! exploits are been used on OFFICIAL servers (not all but those using BF4DB plugins on Official server).DICE indeed did not realy fixed it OR bf4db found a new exploit.Anyway BF4DB plugin is used to issue fake punkbuster kick.


i spoke with server admins on Teamspeak about this exploit on OFFICIAL server and he kinda accepted it and then baned me from TS.Please check the chat from TS..


I will like DICE to look into this ... since the old thread with same problem was deleted by Moderators here.ThankYou

P.N = The youtube video does not belong to me but its the exploit proof used by some server admins.
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    the youtube video does not belong to you, strange, you do realise we can see that this is simply another of your accounts, as you deemed it necessary to create alts to repost what had already been dealt with, your alts are now banned. if you continue, you too will be banned.
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