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if it were done properly suppressors would actually benefit a gun on here.

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I think many of us have played COD or previous BF titles ,and they get the suppressors wrong. on COD it's benefits are not showing up on the mini map when firing and a quieter weapon. the drawbacks are reduced range or less damage or both. however this is simply not true. a suppressor actually benefits a gun in several ways .
increased barrel length= more accuracy , greater muzzle velocity, and the extra weight on the end of the barrel can help decrease the recoil,plus reduced muzzle flash. all these benefits are marginal at best. but I can see where having suppressors in the game would be a benefit.plus guns with a bayonet would have even more weight on the barrel causing less recoil. there was a post on this a couple of weeks ago and I really didn't think suppressors would be any use on this game .but after thinking about it, it could be a benefit to have them. what do you folks think?
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