RSP - No scores showing in custom server??

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Hey guys,
Have had a quick search here and can't find any recent info.
Rented a server yesterday for a clan event, 1 round TDM, 2 rounds Conquest, vanilla maps, we had 20 players in.
I had some custom settings, 200% tickets, just assault class, a few others, nothing I haven't done before, but as soon as we started the conquest round I noticed although the total team ticket count was increasing no individual players were getting a score?
Our kills were being scored, but no conquest score?
Also when you killed an enemy it wasn't showing you who it was, very annoying and really spoiled our clan night.
We've had many clan nights and I think this is the 2nd time it's happened.
Anyone have any idea why this might occur?


  • CrashCA
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    I beleive, if password protected, server will not score or EA broke something with an update
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