• dan134621
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    edited September 2017

    People are reporting, that some servers are back up.
  • Mikhailovitch
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    Back online! Took a break, and when I came back the game installed a short update and *whammo* problem solved. As BF gremlins go this is pretty tame stuff, folks, so let's just be glad it does not appear to be some borked port problem that would require all kinds of tinkering to fix. So, just wait out the bug and you'll likely be all set for tomorrow night.
  • Defcom-7
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    Still offline in NorCal.

  • Titan_Awaken
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    Defcom-7 said:
    Still offline in NorCal.

    That's because the servers are down. All it takes is a quick Google search to know that.

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