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Soldier Loadout Screen Keeps Resetting

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I'm on Xbox One and this bug started with the In the Name of the Tsar update a few weeks ago and is still going.

Soldier weapons loadout keeps resetting back to the loadout I chose the day of the update for the Assault and Medic class but not for Support and Scout, but my weapon skin selections resets for all classes!

Very annoying since I had the 12G shotgun selected for my Assault class that update day to do an assignment and I have to change it every stinking time now, it just won't remember the gun I last used. Not only that, but when I change game modes while in the same gaming session it resets again!

It does this every time, every day I play for my Assault and Medic classes and it also resets all the weapon skins for all the classes to what I last had the day of the Russian DLC update. This is very annoying as well because I have scrapped a Distinguished skin I had equipped on my Gewehr M.95 the day of the update and it doesn't remember the Legendary skin I have equipped it with since and it just defaults to no skin.

You think when you patch a game you would not take one step forward and two steps back by breaking things that weren't broke!


  • AmericanAutobot
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    It's because of the companion app... if you want any permenant changes, you need to use it. But I agree, this needs to be fixed.
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