Server disconnect

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After the hot fix update im getting server disconnected constantly! Never happened before.
Was just lag and hitbox problems before!

6 times today, and I ping around 18-20!

Hitbox detection is also broken for me, tried with a friend, and emptied a whole mag into him, nothing...

Im loosing my patience with this game!

Others still having problems?


  • H3LLFIRE88
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    I've also been getting constant disconnects while playing, but the weird thing is it's not even just battlefield that I get disconnected from.

    When I get disconnected from bf1, it takes out my entire pc's internet connection with it.

    It's not a network thing as other devices in the house remain connected. Also my internet connection is absolutely fine with every other game.

    It's only battlefield 1 that I experience this issue and it only started happening since the last patch.

    Does anyone have any advice or experienced the same?
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