Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha Release 2

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Welcome to the first update of the Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha. We will be updating the environment regularly, improving the experience with bug fixes, new features, content releases, and tweaks. Your participation and feedback is critical for us to get it right, and we will be monitoring reactions closely.

The Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha is definitely a work in project, so some features will be released iteratively, trickling out over several updates. By showing it early we can get feedback from the community, enabling us to be more agile as we drive the feature in the right direction. It also means some features will be underwhelming and/or buggy at first.

Jojje “Indigowd” Dalunde
David “T1gge” Sirland

With all that said, here are the updates for week's release:


  • Matchmaking
    • We are removing the server browser in favor of a matchmaker. Hopefully the joining experience will feel a little better - but the matchmaker will not take skill into calculation just yet (but neither did the server browser).
  • Rejoin
    • If you disconnect or get disconnected from a match, you should now be able to rejoin by matchmaking again. You will be "locked" to that specific match until it is over.

  • We're adding a new "Ping System" accessed through the commorose. With today's update there is only one ping type available - Danger. It places an in-world icon where you aim. This is the very first iteration of the new feature, and we understand it needs a lot of tweaking. Please provide feedback! Also - what other pings would you like to see? For now this completely replaces the original commorose.
  • Changed the skull icon for revivable players to be their kit icon. This will help medics determine if it is worth the risk to go for a revive or not.

  • Fixed an issue where the Raid Leader would not start regenerating health immediately after a kill (Rank 3 ability).
  • Swapped out the Sjogren primary weapon to the 12g Automatic Extended for Raid Leader.
  • Removed excess melee weapons from all kits.
  • Removed shockwave damage from mortar shell.
  • Disabled active and cooldown states for abilities until properly set up.

  • Changed position of Field Gun near the C flag.
  • Fixed an issue where home flag capture speed modifiers would not switch properly after half-time
  • Feedback on match length indicates that matches are too long. We can control number of sets needed to win a match on the server, and might tweak the numbers over the weekend.

  • Removed enemy player name from nametag when player is close enough (the icon still shows).
  • We will attempt to run the servers at 120hz again.

The Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha will available from Thursday, September 28th, 800 UTC / 1AM PDT until Monday, Oct 2nd, 800 UTC/1AM PDT.

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