Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha Week 3 Update Notes

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Before jumping into the update notes for week 3, I wanted to explain a bit about the LSU (Live Service Update) that we're using to deliver this to you.

What is a an LSU?
An LSU is an update of the user interface that you use to access and play Battlefield Incursions (as well as Battlefield 1 and 4). Because our frontend is written in JavaScript, we are able to more quickly make changes to things like the draft, matchmaking, and the halftime/end of round experiences. LSUs are controllable through rollouts.

What is rollout?
Rollout is our ability to give certain features to certain users. We can specify that a certain subset of users will get access to an LSU, or to individual features within an LSU.

What an LSU is not
An LSU is not a game client or game server update. Things like map and weapon changes are not possible through this style of update.

Incursions Week 3 Update Notes

We are planning on releasing this tomorrow, Thursday October 5th at 800 UTC, along with our servers.

  • Users will now see a match accepted confirmation. You have 20 seconds to confirm your match after it has been found for you. If anyone declines the match, someone is AFK, or exited the game while queueing, the match will get declined and you can matchmake again.
  • When a match is found, the Incursions icon in the taskbar will now flash.
  • Added information to the matchmaking indicator that shows how many servers are currently running. This information is currently hidden behind a rollout so we can test it a bit more when it's live, and will let everyone access it if we're satisfied.

  • Renamed Confirm Kit to Lock Kit
  • Added more explicit messaging so users know they do not have a kit locked
  • Updated the look of the draft countdown timer
  • Changed draft timer and lock messaging to red when less than 15 seconds left in the draft
  • Added sound every second when there is 15 seconds left in the draft
  • Added a message to the draft chat window reminding players to lock kits
  • Fixed a bug where word wrap was not working in the draft chat

Kevin "Rhett" Moore
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