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Ive managed to make a few friends in the BF-series as the years go by, some good, some a Little bad but none cheating ;)

I really hoped, knowing the most of the old BF4DB.COM members was, that the new team HEY:they would fill out a hole, doing good towards the community.
I do not think that anymore , "certified pro" towards players ... My gentle advice would be, do not use their plugin at all, you have no idea what youre calling "legit", they already decided whos legit when youre using their plugs ......

Ive got NO personal grudges against scavenger or similar admins on BF4DB, your take, I simply let them sease to be from now on and will tell all NOT to use thir plugin hence I dont believe in their way of running the facts.

I dont give a corrected piece og **** towrds players NOT banned, Ima going to let ALL the reported players slip on BF4db, because forward thinking, it doesnt matter, - you are all "certified pros" ...



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    Hey there 0ld_yell0w,

    one of our fellow staff members let me know about this forum post so I decided to post an official response in the name of BF4DB.

    Whitelists have been a thing since the old BF4DB under xcu7e's lead launched. In their case a system bug was causing issues with unbanning players thus a whitelist for those who have been unbanned but still couldn't play on BF4DB protected servers was mandatory. The new BF4DB project has nothing to do with the old one and we don't have any system bugs the old one had. The sole purpose of a whitelist flag on our website is to protect certain players (mainly accounts owned by the staff team) from witch hunts on our forums. Especially live streamers and other good players are at high risk of getting mass reported. Mass reports may be funny for the players being targeted because they tend to make fun of hackusations, on our side however mass reports are not fun to work around at all. We at BF4DB spend our own free time on BF4DB working and trying to build up a clean and fair gaming environment at least on those servers that are streaming to us and people getting mass reported because some players won't understand that others may be better at the game than themselves add a lot of work to our schedule we would rather not deal with. The whitelist flag does not exclude players from being reported that is one of the reasons why we currently have a dedicated report subforum to deal with special cases like these. Reporting whitelisted players is definitely not forbidden however 99,9% of all players that are currently whitelisted are well known by BF4DB's staff team and the entire staff team had a discussion over every single whitelist that has been issued. For the future we are planning on changing how whitelists work and who will get a whitelist entry (most likely only staff members and no other player).

    I hope I was able to adress all your concernes about the current BF4DB and the way we operate. Just because you personally don't agree with decisions we have made or will make in the future you don't have to publicly trashtalk us in the Battlefield Forums and tell everyone not to use our service. We advise admins to set their game servers to ranked anyway to 1.) have full control over their server no matter what and 2.) to have their own opinion about whether someone is cheating or not. If someone who uses our plugin thinks a whitelisted player may be actually cheating they can simply bypass the global whitelist by manually banning the certain player on their server.
    Just like any other anti-cheat software or organisation such as Evenbalance with PunkBuster or FairFight just to name a few we have to work professionally and can't just issue bans on players that are playing on a level that certainly is way above average.

    Eventhough I already am tired of adding this line I will still do it just to prove a point.
    This is my main account currently ranked #4 world for skill.
    This is my alternative account currently not having any global rankings worth mentioning but the stats are insanely high either way.

    So now ask yourself, am I cheating just because my stats are higher than the average 2KDR player?

    In case there still are questions open feel free to DM me on the forums or just post it down in the comment section. I myself or a fellow BF4DB staff member will respond as soon as possible.

    Best regards,
    MXT [BF4DB Admin]
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    You knew when you posted this that it would be locked. Do not call out sites or people here. If you want to gripe against someone go do it elsewhere.
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