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Looking for enough people to be able help me populate a server that would allow me to unlock a weapon that I cant cause harcore servers are annoying and there isn't enough people for me to get enough c4 kills for the requirement, so it'll take maybe 5 minutes of your time not a lot but still I need maybe three or four of you guys, contact me on PS4 at Alzheimers__ I'll have a bear icon
You'll need naval strike as well


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    boosting is a no no so wouldn't suggest you try it. c4 kills are easily done
  • OGTrashBoat8
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    Are you serious...
    1. Your title is all caps
    2. Boosting is not allowed
    3. Getting 5 C4 kills is not hard, learn to play better
    4. The SR338 sucks
  • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
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    Thread closed as posting the title in ALL CAPS and asking people to help you boost is against the Forum Guidelines and TOS.

    C4 kills are very easy to get and recommend you get them the legitimate way.

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