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I've written many controversial statements in the past few weeks.
I don't want a simulator, I don't necessarily want battlefield to turn into Red Orchestra 2 or Verdun, nor would I prefer those as a substitute for a Battlefield 1 that met my expectations.. This isn't to say I haven't played both of them, and find them good and interesting in their own ways; I just don't think they're really comparable to Battlefield in anything other than being multiplayer FPS's with higher than standard player counts, Mostly this comes down to the combined arms warfare aspect battlefield as a series has almost always had(if you want to have a more nuanced discussion about it PM me and we can talk). RO being the closest to this combined arms feeling, but misses out because while there are tanks it lacks aircraft or air combat..

Now some will argue that what I want, or the changes I want to see will make this game "not battlefield". I think I understand your perspective, some of the changes I want to see might seem to you as ones that could ruin the game, and I should apologize if I come off as abrasive, but I'm trying to get my voice heard and make a case for what I believe could make the game more fun (in my opinion).

After seeing lots of alpha footage, I find that while it looks sort of interesting, and apparently has great Gunplay or balance or whatever. yet I was bothered by several details which might be inconsequential to many.

now I don't think this will result in many changes at DICE, at least not in the short or long term. But I wanted to offer some sense of what I want in the hopes that those of you who I've fought with will at least sorta understand what I mean to get at.

Yet the people whining about whiners (whine-ception, I'm now whining about the whiners who whine about whiners, if you whine about this you're taking it to another level) don't help. This tendency seems to make it extremely difficult to have any discussion, or develop insight into different tastes.

While I acknowledge that some of the changes I propose (particularly faction-weapons, and bolt actions) would have an effect on the balance/pace of the game, I'm just incredibly skeptical of the "perfect" balance I'm hearing about from alpha players. and while I realize people want the game to be friendly to really new-ish mass-market consumers I think there is a level that is "too friendly" that needs to be carefully avoided with some strategic turns for hardness.

Regardless I will likely see for myself when beta opens up, and have a better series of criticisms to make.
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    You've been heard. Thanks.
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