Anti-Air, just a simple question...



  • sfreeman73
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    Pilots have had it to easy for to long they've got soft and lazy personaly I think stationary AA should be indestructible (but lower RoF) AA trucks should have faster firing AA guns (but have less range and damage also self damage if fired inside the home spawn) stationary MGs should have a higher firing arc LMGs and K bullets should do more damage against planes and players should get significantly more points for damaging and destroying planes but none of that will happen because the Boho brigade will cry more than they do already.
  • Duece09
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    Tullzter wrote: »
    if it exists (in WW1) then it fits. sorry

    With that logic a lot of things in this game need to be taken out. Some of the weapons and vehicles were prototypes and weren’t actually used until after the war.
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    HuwJarz wrote: »
    I know you are going to get a LOT of support for this in here. People in these forums love pilots whinging about not being able to go 60-0 anymore.

    My advice. Go and get your tin hat.

    Was just about to up vote, then noticed it was you ;)

    Personally, love the Anti Air - good for getting those pilots out of the way so the infantry can have some fun
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