Wheres Punk Buster !?



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    Modded controllers everywhere.


    Just because you get smacked around doesn't mean they cheated. There are good players out there and if you are just starting b1 others have a lot more experience.

    Proof? As in where to buy theese controllers? They NERF the recoil and make one click be 3 so singlefire guns go like pop pop pop in one click. I suck at this game. I rly do, if i get 10-15 kills im doing good, yet i play it every day. Its fun. And i dont care about the kd/ratio. Im the one reviving u over and over again. Im the one spamming ammo and playing the objective. I know there is good players. I know theres cheaters too <3

    Well, yes and no. Yes you can buy a controller that will add automatic fire to a single fire gun. But, the rate of fire is capped by the game, and a modded controller can't make it fire any faster. So someone with a fast trigger finger can absolutely do the same fast fire. So a modded controller might make it easier to do, there are plenty of players capable of doing the same thing with a standard controller.
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