Battlefield 1 Incursions Community Environment Week 4 Update

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Welcome to what was previously known as the Battlefield 1 Incursions Closed Alpha. From today, that name is but a memory of a distant past. We are renaming the environment to Battlefield 1 Incursions Community Environment (BF1 ICE). Does this mean we are out of an alpha state? Does it mean we are no longer limiting access? No and no. We are still very early in development (alpha), and we're still only inviting a select few players. However, the number of players we are inviting is going to grow significantly over the weeks to come. Finding matches in both regions, NA and EU, will soon be easier.

We know and understand that other regions are eagerly waiting to get their own servers, but at this point it is slightly too early to reveal our plans for that. Please be patient with us!

With this update we are also introducing several new items for you to provide feedback on. First of all, we have a major overhaul of Giant's Shadow. It looks and plays very different from what you are used to by now - and hopefully you'll think it is an improvement. But what would a "new" map be without a new kit coming with it? We are releasing a new Vehicle Operator - the Demolition Driver. This VO sacrifices sustainability for mobility and shorter vehicle respawn timers. The kit is not equipped with a wrench, so has no means of repairing, but in exchange can't have any vehicle parts disabled once reaching rank 2. As always we will be looking at data to see how the kit performs, as well as listen to our community feedback.

With this update we are also looking into how spotting works. Active spotting (default Q) is gone. In its place is an automatic spotting system that will trigger whenever you are looking at an enemy. Please provide feedback on how you feel about it. The muscle memory of always hitting Q when in a fight becomes very apparent - but is that a good or a bad thing?

We are also adding spectator with this release. This is a feature that we will continue to improve on - both when it comes to fixing bugs, adding features, and making sure you can watch the interesting matches.

Those are the big beats, but we also have some other updates and bug fixes to share with you:

  • If a player does not lock in a kit during the draft phase, a random kit will be assigned (instead of dodging the match).
  • Fixed an issue where players could not deploy if someone disconnects immediately if after the draft completes.
  • When a match is found, the game client will now take focus.

  • Fixed issue where the danger ping could be placed in the sky.
  • Updated the ping system with two new options: Objective (can be used on vehicles among other things) and Assist me.
  • Ping system is now in its own UI widget instead of the commorose. Bring it up by tapping Q.

  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes could not exit the field gun.
  • Added information about the upcoming kit Combat Sniper to the kit information tab.
  • Made changes to the 3p camera behavior to make it less effective at peeking around corners or over walls.
  • Control leader’s situational awareness will continue to work instead of only on the life he unlocked it.
  • Armored car has had its armor changed which should bring it’s damage received closer to the tank (more like 2x instead of 3x)
  • Mortar changed to old model. Firing decreases accuracy and tweaks to movement and passive accuracy. Ultimately this lowers it effective rate of fire by 25%, spamming at fire rate will lose accuracy each shot.
  • Removed idle sway animation in ADS for C96, M1911 and Frommer Stop Auto.
  • The Trench Surgeon's shield will now quick deploy.
  • Hellriegel replaced with M1916 for Raid Leader.
  • Crossbow HE – the two extra grenades that split off now do 25dmg (was 40) and no longer destruct the environment. It is no longer possible to 1 shot infantry if they take all three explosions.
  • If everyone on a team disconnects, the match will now end.
  • Kill tickets are now given instantly on man-down instead of waiting for "unrevivable" state. We are hoping this will make it clearer when a team is getting tickets. A side-effect is that the medic can no longer "save" tickets for the team. Please provide feedback.
  • If a team is in the process of capturing a flag from the enemy (more attackers than defenders), the flag will be counted as neutral when looking to reward tickets.
  • Updated the audio cues for gaining tickets through flag ownership and squad wipes.

  • Added a news section in the menu.
  • Fixed better messaging on disconnects.

Thanks for being a part of making this a great experience!

Jojje "Indigow(n)d" Dalunde
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