Nivelle Nights Available for all Battlefield 1 Players

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Based on these century-old events, the Nivelle Nights bonus map has been an intense night experience for Battlefield 1™ Premium Pass and Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass owners since its release. Now, we have an exciting announcement about the map: Nivelle Nights will be made available for all Battlefield 1 players*.

Starting early November, you can tackle the muddy battlefields around Malmaison and Soupir as the French or German army. Make good use of the moon, the searchlights, and the artillery lighting up the dark night skies.

Enjoy the map – and own the night.

*Requires Battlefield 1 on applicable platform (sold separately), internet connection, EA account, and for console users, an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus membership (both sold separately).


Why is Nivelle Nights releasing free for all players?
Alongside the release of the Battlefield 1 Operation Campaigns Update, we're giving access to Nivelle Nights to all Battlefield 1 owners. All players will have access to Nivelle Nights in early November to ensure that everyone can play.

When will Nivelle Nights be available for all players?
We'll be releasing Nivelle Nights to all players with the Battlefield 1 Operation Campaigns Update in early November.

What about the fact Nivelle Nights is a part of They Shall Not Pass, a Premium Pass expansion?
Nivelle Nights was additional content added in June to the first Battlefield 1 expansion, They Shall Not Pass. With the Battlefield 1 Operation Campaigns Update, we're releasing Nivelle Nights to all players so the entire Battlefield community can take part in these epic battles.

Can I get a refund for They Shall Not Pass/Premium Pass?
For information on EA's Return/Refund Policy, please check

The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass is supposed to include maps only accessible by Premium Pass owners and purchasers of Expansion Packs. By giving Nivelle Nights out for free, isn't that shortchanging Battlefield 1 Premium Pass and Expansion Pack owners?
Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass included 4 maps when it released in March 2017, with Nivelle Nights releasing as additional content in June. Battlefield 1 Premium Pass and Expansion Packs owners won't be losing content, but rather, we'll be increasing population for matches by giving more players access to Nivelle Nights..
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