Scrap Reward System makes no sense

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I joined a match at the literal last second, didn't have a chance to choose a class. Match ends and my team won. I got 50 scraps. 25 for firs round of the day, and 25 for a win. Something like that.

Next match, I have highest score over both teams, best KD, 50-4, plenty of ribbons, so forth. I did really, really, really well. I get zero scraps. I seem to understand the highlight system is kinda random, seeing as KD is a highlight but I was not on it. Not that I care.

I distinctly recall the game telling me, "Perform well and earn more scraps." Which clearly is false. As I did perform well, but got zero scraps. And I didn't perform AT ALL, but got 50 scraps.

Also, everytime I close the game, and reopen it and join a match, it claims it's "my first match of the day" when in reality, it's my 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. Obviously EA doesn't want anyone exploiting economic bugs as it can hurt their own profit. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue? Any news on it?



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    You get 50 per day for your first round of the day. Then 25 for your first win of the day, then another 25 if you are highlighted in the end of the round 5 player highlights. You get these once a day, so the max you can earn a day is 100. You can earn the 100 in one game if you do all these in that one game, just note you will get zero until the following day if you repeat these achievements within the same 24 hours.
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