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Why is Battlefield Hardline a Dead Game?

There are 224 Online PC Players (Right Now). I barely find a match due to this


  • Sonic5745
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    PC has the 2nd lowest amount of players (1st lowest atm is on X360). There are thousands upon thousands of PC games as well that players could play, which also doesn't help Hardline on PC. I believe PS4 and X1 are doing fairly well currently.

    Another problem is that the BF community, for the most part, didn't want to accept Battlefield Hardline as a Battlefield game. A lot of players don't like the law enforcement theme and gameplay of it, which is more infantry-based. Most players preferred the usual military theme instead, which is generally more heavy vehicle-based with tanks, planes, helicopters, etc.

    I'm sure there are other reasons for Hardline's low playerbase as well, but I believe the above are the two biggest reasons.
  • Bubidibop
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    edited November 14
    Well initial stigma was that BF:H came out when nobody was asking for it. People were playing BF4 back then.
    For example most of people around me was responding to it like this: "Why? I have BF4"
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