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Lest we forget this sunday...

That we play games based not on fantasy but created from a sad reality.. that, as much as we enjoy or virtual war.. we are existing and acting, performing on the real situations of those who truly have seen the horrors of what most of us now see as entertainment.

Many of our BF brothers and sisters will understand the depths and complexities that BF tries to portray and in the same vain... respect these representations, but those who do... are also grateful for the fact that many of us will never have to feel the reality of them.

I've always been fascinated by war... not for its gore or brutality and its reasons... but more for its stories of humanity, camaraderie and realisation in the most extreme of human experiences.

We are all one life collaborating together in defferent ways... and when it comes down to it... we are stronger together than apart. No matter our differences or beliefs, our culture's, our genders.

My joys play battlefield, are those of competitivenes and enjoyment along with a respect for any who have been in such realistic a situation. I could never comprehend...... and hope i never have to.

So..... Lest We Forget...

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    Good post! Hopefully they don’t lock it because of the caps.

    Their name will not be forgotten.
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